Sundia Nimble Diabolo


Sundia Nimble Diabolo

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Sundia Nimble Diabolo

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A speciality diabolo from Sundia. Effectively this is a Sundia Fly diabolo but with some tweeked components that make the diabolo significantly lighter (and therefore suitable for younger players who prefer a jumbo diablo or people who like their diabolo...'nimble'!).

The cup material is the same shape and size as the Sundia Fly but marginally thinner. It also uses the Sundia weight reduction axle alongside the one-way, single bearing system - a bit noisier than a triple bearing diabolo, and not quite as long spin times but certainly enough to do some more complex trick sequences (plus it's £8 cheaper than the Fly!)

We have a nice selection of colours in stock and there's always the possibility of altering components at a later date should you want to (All Sundia parts tend to be compatible, but contact us for more information/advice). Sold individually without handsticks

Cup Diameter 125mm

Width 149mm

Weight 260g

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