Sundia Sun Diabolo

Product Description

The latest Sundia Sun diabolo has new translucent coloured cups which look stunning with light kits.

The Sundia Sun diabolo has the same wide stainless steel axle same as the Sundia Fly diabolo, but does not feature the one-way ball bearing. Like the Fly, the Sun diabolo is stable, gains speed fast and is great for grinds.

Diabolo specs:
Weight: 295g
Length: 142mm
Diameter: 128mm

If you're looking for handsticks, you can view our full range in the diabolo handstick section.

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Customer Reviews

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I ordered two pink o...

I ordered two pink ones. They spin very smoothly and are great for two diabolos. They came with a white inner cup unlike the picture suggests but I don't mind because I like it better this way. :-)

I own the Red - Heav...

I own the Red - Heavy one,

I like the design alot! The axles are brilliant for string tricks and the build quality is really good.

What I disliked was the weight, bad decision by myself, I find it a little too heavy to play for long periods of time, although the spin time is really good with the added weight.

I will be purchasing a light one(in green incase you wondered) very soon and will add a second review to verify my opinions on these Diabolos!

Thanks to Sundia and Oddballs.

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