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Looking for a comprehensive guide to devilsticking that covers everything from basic handling and terminology to advanced tricks, balancing, games, and history? Look no further than "The Devil Stick Book," an in-depth guide that's packed with step-by-step illustrated instructions and expert insights.

In this book, you'll find clear and concise explanations of devilstick terminology, basic handling techniques, and the key dynamics that make this art form so fascinating. You'll also discover a wide range of intermediate and advanced tricks, including rolls, rebounds, aerials, and more. But that's not all. This book also delves into the art of balancing, teaching you how to balance your devilstick on different parts of your body and even on other objects. You'll also find a variety of fun devilstick games to play with friends, as well as a detailed history of the art form and its origins. What really sets this book apart, however, is its step-by-step approach. Each trick and technique is broken down into clear, easy-to-follow steps, with accompanying illustrations that make it easy to visualize and understand. Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced practitioner looking to refine your skills, "The Devil Stick Book" is an essential resource that will help you take your devilsticking to the next level.

Todd Strong. 107 pages. Softback.

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