The Legendary " Flouzies "

The Legendary "Flouzies"

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The Legendary " Flouzies "

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Oddballs are very proud to be able to offer one of the most sought after bean bags ever made. These balls are near mythical amongst the global Juggling community.



Produced in Scotland for twenty eight years, the passion and attention to detail is still obvious in every single ball. Each one is created, by hand, mixing UV active pigments with liquid silicone and applying this to a backing fabric which is then cured, cut into panels, machined into balls and filled with millet. This unique manufacturing process produces a ball with outstanding juggling characteristics. The lovely tactile feeling of silicone gives Fluozies a feeling like no other ball. Their fantastic grip and UV active high visibility in all conditions makes Fluozies one of the best beanbags ever made.


Available colours: Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple


Weight per ball 118g


Diameter 64mm


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