Three Finger Juggling - Saw Blade on a Steeeck

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The Saw Blade on a Steeeck is one of our weirdest and scariest ideas to date, made from top grade stainless, with a solid real oak handle. The spin as you can guess is not balanced but also not unmanageable.

Edge are of course blunt and safe to juggle, but they look mean and have soooo many puns which could be used! They are a little heavier than some of our props but an experienced juggler can handle them with no problems.

These are the props for the Juggler who wants something totally different to wow and make you crowds go crazy!!!

Due to the nature of these props, they are for the use of experienced jugglers only

By purchasing from this site you are acknowledging that JWS Europe Ltd (Oddballs International) has no responsibility for any injuries or damages that occur from use or mis-use of these products.

Although you do not need a license to own any of these items and they are legal to own in the U.K, we are conscious that these stage props are still potentially extremely dangerous. As such we treat their sale as we would any other knife. By law you must now be 18 or over to purchase a knife/sword. We age verify all orders for dangerous props, even those placed with Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards (as both are now offered to under 18's), so please make our lives a little easier and fill in all the forms on the checkout page, especially the contact numbers section as we will need to call to verify the age of the purchaser.

We would also hope you will act responsibly with your new props and it is a condition of purchase that you will NEVER CARRY THESE IN A PUBLIC PLACE. Please note that an inability to verify the purchaser's age may result in a delay on express services.

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