Concentrate Contact Series LED Staff
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Product Description

The Concentrate Contact Series LED Staff is a high-quality and durable option for contact staff performers. The staff is made from a polycarbonate tube which is a strong and lightweight material, making it perfect for contact staff manipulation. The staff is also equipped with a silicone grip for added safety, providing a secure hold for the performer during contact tricks. The C5 Light Unit included in the staff provides a bright and colorful light show, adding a visually stunning element to the performance. The silicone end cap adds to the overall safety and durability of the staff. The staff has an outside diameter of 22mm and the staff including grip has an outside diameter of 25mm, making it a perfect size for contact staff manipulation. This LED staff is perfect for experienced performers looking for a high-quality and reliable prop that will last for years to come.
Concentrate Contact Series LED Staff
Polycarbonate tube
Silicone Grip
C5 Light Unit
Silicone End Cap
Staff Outside Diameter: 22mm
Staff Including Grip Outside Diameter: 25mm

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