Trompos Space Jupiter - Fixed Tip
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Product Description

The Jupiter is the Big Brother in the range of Spinning Tops from Trompos Space. Made from a resilient, durable plastic crafted in to an aerodynamic shape the Jupiter is a go-to performance top for players who like to have control over every element of their prop. The Lid of the Top can be removed allowing players to store their launching tools and string inside when not in use. The Cap also has a carefully placed 'dimple' which, in the right hands, will allow for complicated, excited stacking tricks. The Jupiter is the only model in the Trompos range to come with an internal weight mechanism. This allows players to tweak and adjust the Top's centre of gravity depending on their playing style and the tricks they're tricking to achieve. The Trompos Space Jupiter comes mounted with a FIXED tip for traditional trick play - as well as being able to land solid spins consistently, the Fixed tip excels at tricks where the Top is require to shoot along the string. The Jupiter Spinning Top is frequently used by all members of the Trompos Space Pro Team and works in every scenario; training, competing and battling!

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