Trompos Space Mercurio Spinning Top - Roller Tip
Total price £75.98

Product Description

The Mercurio represents the ultimate synthesis in design and materials in order to acheieve the best performing top possible. The Mercurio has been forged from Brass - this strong material not only adds an enormous amount of solidity to the Top Design, but looks fantastic in all light. The added weight from the materials affords longer spinning time, great momentum, better longevity as well as an overall slowing-down of the trick process when compared to Plastic Models. The Mercurio are produced in limited numbers and each model has been hand-numbered. Not only an amazing performance prop but very much a collector's item. The Mercurio also comes mounted with a DOUBLE BEARING ROLLER Tip. Even compared to the normal ROLLER tip found in other Trompos Space models, this double bearing system spins for significantly longber and will facilitate even the most advanced trick sequences.

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