Trompos Space Neptuno Spinning Top - RollerTip
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Product Description

The Design team at Trompos Space took their metal chasis Neptuno model and custom fitted it with their ROLLER tip system. The Result? A Dynamic performance Spinning Top that is steady in the hand, true in it's spin and perfectly made for modern trick play. The Stainless Steel body of the Neptuno not only gives it a classy, mirrored finish but adds a certain amount of weight to the top. This new weight/size/balance ratio means that the whole trick process can be slowed down somewhat for advanced string play and long spin times. This, coupled withe the ROLLER tip system, means that a whole world of trick play becomes possible. Each Neptuno is made in the EU and comes presented in a smart presentation box. Launching Unit and string are supplied and can be stored inside the chassis when not in use thanks to the screw cap top. For very advanced players, each Neptuno comnes with a dimple recessed in the top cap to allow for elaborate stacking trickss

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