TRUCK LOOP - ANCHOR LOOP - Length : Various sizes

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These high strength anchor loops are fasteners that are used to securely attach equipment to a variety of surfaces. They are constructed from 28mm polyamide webbing, which is a strong and durable material. The webbing is covered with a tubular webbing sheath, which protects it from abrasion and other hazards. This helps to extend the life of the anchor loops and ensures that they remain reliable and safe to use. These anchor loops are suitable for a wide range of applications, including climbing, rigging, and other outdoor activities. Whether you need to anchor equipment for work or play, these high strength anchor loops are a reliable and safe choice.2017 UPDATE: meets ANSI Z359.1 standard for Anchorage Devices.

We remind that according to the law it is necessaire to keep a register of all

accessories used for lifting showing the characteristics

of the band / ring / sling, the data shown on the identification plate with the

CE marking, the dates of the periodic checks, the name of the person in charge and

the notes with the results of what has been observed.

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