Uncle Bubble 12.8oz - 1:9 Concentrate
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Product Description

This incredible concentrate from the well known Uncle Bubble is proven to create next-level bubble sculptures and jumbo-bubbles - as well as being perfect for even most complex bubble tricks.

You must accurately dilute one part concentrate to nine parts water to obtain breathtakingly results. Simply add clean tap water in the correct ratio and unlock the true potential of Uncle Bubble liquids.

Superb clarity and excellent bubble longevity in a variety of conditions allow you to create mesmerising bubble art. Uncle Bubble is world renowned for its bubble formula characteristics. Uncle Bubble makes elastic, long-lasting, resilient (even under testing conditions like air-conditioned rooms or sunny days) bubbles that are great for performers and amateurs alike.

This high performance formula was designed for professionals and now it can be yours. Using this 12.8oz (0.378 litre) bottle you can make 3.78 litres of premium bubble liquid.

Perfect for gigs, travelling and bubble parties.

This bubble liquid must be diluted in accurate measurements - a stronger liquid does not mean a better liquid!

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