Uncle Bubble Mega-Loop Kit

Product Description

The Uncle Bubble Mega-Loop Kit comes with all the tools you need to trap your friends inside giant
bubbles and perform many other tricks that will amaze your audience!
1 x Uncle Bubble Mega-Loop Wand - This Mega-Loop wand is collapsible making your travels more
1 x Giant Inflatable Dipping Tray - Blow inside this very super-portable and compact tray and make it
ready for the show!
1 x Bottle of Uncle Bubble Formula - last but not least, this concentrate (used by professionals worldwide)
will help you to make the best bubbles ever seen.
(Please note that before using your mega-loop and dipping tray, users should submerge the giant wand
into the liquid and gently rub it on the top of the tray to moisten it - a dry dipping tray surface will prevent
you making large bubbles).

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