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This deal contains 1 set of UB Mega loop, 1 set of UB junior bubble kit, 1pc Art of blowing bubbles book.- RRP- £48.97

Uncle Bubble Mega-Loop Kit

Have you ever dreamt of being inside a bubble? Or how about putting a friend in one? Now you can make that dream come true! The Mega Loop from Uncle Bubble is well-loved by children and adults of all ages. You just can't help but smile when you're inside a bubble!

The Mega Loop comes with a giant bubble wand (big enough to put a person inside) as well as inflatable dipping tray and a bottle of incredible Uncle Bubble concentrate formula in a 1:3 ratio. Bubbleologists can also use the Mega Loop to create giant bubble doughnuts and sausages - you can even try chopping them up into smaller shapes and then force them back together to create funny bubble sculptures!

Uncle Bubble Formula has been one of the best kept secrets of performing bubble artists (bubbleologists) for years. Even 5 Guinness World Records have been set using Uncle Bubble products! Now you can achieve the same breathtaking jumbo bubbles and sculptures as the pros. Uncle Bubble liquid is designed for working performers, serious hobbyists, schools, nurseries - and anyone thinking of throwing a large bubble party.


Everything you need to put on an incredible show is inside this box!

The wand has variously sized holes for multiple bubble sizes. The faster you wave the wand the smaller the bubbles will be. The straws feature internal ridges to hold more liquid. Using the special formula and tool provided with this kit, you will learn how to make Bubble Chains, Bubble Cubes, Bubble inside Bubble and more! Uncle Bubble formulas and tools are used by Bubble Performers around the world. Even 5 Guinness World Records have been set using Uncle Bubble products. You will learn the secrets of Bubble Mastery.

Please note that bubble wand and dipping tray colours may vary. Instructions included, teaching you tricks and skills.


Bubbles usually last for seconds or minutes but can live for a lifetime in people's memories. In fact, most of us have delightful memories of blowing, chasing and popping bubbles. But how about putting your friends in giant bubbles? Or host a bubble and foam party?

This is the book for all aspiring bubbleologists from ages 2-102!

Inside you'll learn how to perform awesome tricks and last but not least, how to mix your own bubble liquid! Moreover, you will learn about bubble related science, history and fun facts!

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