Uncle Bubble Unbelievabubble Sword - Large - (Round Knob) - Blue & Yellow
Total price £92.99

Product Description

Uncle Bubble's sword - along with the Mega-Loop and Junior Bubbleologist Kit - is perhaps one of the
most innovative bubbleologist props in their catalogue. Whilst there are many swords on the market -
nothing comes close to the performance and versatility of the Un-Believa-Bubble sword. This version
includes a bright plastic sheaf filled with Uncle Bubble's signature liquid. Players and performers can
simply dunk the sword - remove - and slice the air whilst pressing the hidden button, allowing the sword to
expand into its true wand shape. Create amazing bubble sculptures, tubes and doughnuts in the air -
before chopping them into smaller shapes and formations. This packaged Uncle Bubble sword is
available in Uncle Bubble's signature Blue and Yellow colour way and is supplied in packaging with liquid.

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