V-CUBE 6 x 6 White Flat | Professional, Fast, and Smooth | Speed Cube | Puzzle | Fidget Toy
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Product Description

The V-CUBE™6 is a Rubik's cube-style puzzle game that consists of six layers and 218 individual pieces, with a solid-cross for supporting their independent rotation on based axes. The cube comes in two different designs, a flat design and a unique "pillow" shape inspired by the V-CUBE™7. Both designs feature the same revolutionary V-CUBE™ core mechanism that allows for smooth rotation on all axes.

This puzzle game is highly challenging and requires focused strategic thinking and dedicated effort to solve. With 1.57*10116 possible permutations, it is one of the most complex puzzles available. Despite the difficulty, solving the V-CUBE™6 can be incredibly satisfying and rewarding. The cube weighs 230g and is available in multiple colours


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