Wolkensturmer Bonny Bird Kite
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Product Description

The Bonny bird kite is a beautiful and colourful single-line kite that is perfect for children aged 3 and above. The kite comes with a line with 40 kp tensile strength and 40 m line length, wound onto a practical handle for easy use. With a wingspan of approximately 130 cm, the kite does not develop excessive tensile forces, making it easy for children to hold.

The kite has beautiful 2.6m striped tails attached with Velcro, which not only makes the kite look nice in the air but also helps to keep it flying stably in the sky when there is more wind. The kite is suitable for a wind range of 2-4 Bft.

Assembly is very simple, requiring you to insert the fibreglass rods into the side connectors and stretch the kite's tail with the thinner fibreglass rod supplied. The single-line kite is very robust thanks to its flexible fibreglass rods.

The Bonny bird kite comes with a practical quiver bag with a viewing window, making it easy to transport. Overall, the Bonny bird kite is a beautiful and flight-stable kite that is perfect for children to enjoy and have fun with.

Single Line Kite - Ready to Fly


Fabric: Polyester

Wingspan: 130cm

Height: 75cm

Frame: Fiberglass

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