Wolkensturmer Butterfly Children's Kite - 92cm x 55cm
Total price £110.98

Product Description

This colourful butterfly kite named Betty comes ready to fly. The children's kite is a real eye-catcher, especially because of the long, colourful kite tails! The kite tails are attached to the kite with Velcro and can be easily removed if needed. However, they provide more stability during flight, which is why we advise you not to take them off. The children's single line conquers the air even with little wind and is already available from 1 Bft. ready to use. The handling is super easy and therefore perfect for small pilots from 3 years. The little colourful butterfly measures a wingspan of 92 cm and is 55 cm high. As a result, it does not develop any great tensile forces, which is particularly advantageous for smaller kids,
In order to start with the flying fun straight away. Leashed on a 40 m long polyester cord. The practical carrying bag offers enough space to store everything safely after the flight. No additional accessories are necessary!

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