Wolkensturmer | Flip Kite - Blue - Delta Two-Lined Traditional Flying Stunt Kite -140cm
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Product Description

Our beginner stunt kite Flip in blue is characterized by easy handling and good flight characteristics! It is good-natured and agile in the air, so that the first tricks can already be flown with it. The processed 4 mm glass fiber poles are very robust and can withstand many a fall. Flip is therefore the perfect two-line stunt kite for children from the age of 6, beginners or even adults. With a wingspan of 140 cm, the kite has little traction and shows good responsiveness when you let it draw figure eights in the sky. A perfect beginner's kite that provides a lot of flying fun. A wind force of 1.5-4 Bft is ideal for our flip. You will receive the kite with two 25 m polyester lines that are already attached and a winding board, a so-called winder, with which the flying lines are wound up again at the end of the kite flying. A pair of basic steering loops are also included in the delivery. These are coloured red and black, i.e. marked differently, so you can tell left and right better apart. With this ready-to-fly kite set, you don't need any additional accessories. Before the start, the kite needs to be set up for the flip and instructions will help you set it up quickly, and then it's time to take to the skies and have fun!

2 Lines Kite - Ready to Fly


Fabric: Polyester

Wingspan: 1.4m

Frame: 4mm Reinforced Fiberglass

Line: 2x25m

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