Wolkensturmer Fritz the Frog Kite - 210cm
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Product Description

The most popular of our 3D dragons are by far Fritz the Frog! Our frog kite glides gracefully through the air and cuts an absolutely great figure!

The Fritz the Frog has a total length of 210 cm and does not need any sticks, so you can transport it small and handy in the drawstring bag provided when travelling. You can not only fly our Fritz 3D kite on the supplied 40 kp polyester line on a plastic spool, but it can also be used as an ideal line decoration for parasleds. Speaking of linen jewellery: The frog kite is not only very easy to fly on a line, but it also stands up to a wind range of 2-4 Bft. excellently stable in the sky. This great flight behaviour is supported by the towing tail that blows behind the frog kite.

The large single-line kite is made of high-quality Schikarex cloth and has a knotted polyester line for flying. It is simply knotted to the collection scale lines on the front of the kite and slowly unwound from the spool depending on the prevailing wind conditions. If you want to anchor the frog to the ground so that it stays in the sky, you can do this with an additionally available ground stick or sand anchor. By the way, in addition to our Fritz, we also have other parafoil animal kites, such as our Willi the Whale and Otto the Octopus.

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