Hot Air Balloon Twisted Wind Chime - Rainbow
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Product Description

This wind chime from the house of Wolkenstürmer is an absolute eye-catcher in every garden and also on your balcony. The colorful little hot air balloon can be easily hung up on a small cord using the aluminum carabiner and rotates even with the slightest movement of air. With the small hot air balloon you can decorate your balcony in no time at all. The high-quality cloth made of spinnaker polyester is very robust and easily withstands a wide variety of weather conditions. Overall, the colorful Hot Air Balloon Twisted is approx. 84 cm long and 50 cm wide and an absolute flyweight. Therefore, it is easy to attach to a hook or similar with the pre-assembled attachment. The decorative eye-catcher in the beautiful bright rainbow colors is practically made for your home!

Colour: multicolored

Size: 22cm

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