Wolkensturmer Papagei Kite Parrot Kite - Delta Single Line Traditional Flying Kite
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Product Description

This colourful parrot named Pablo is a macaw. Its great coloured plumage of red, green, yellow and orange markings make it a beautiful eye-catcher in the sky. The children's kite is very popular with girls and boys and is super easy to fly. With a wingspan of 160 cm and a height of 120 cm, it flies in light winds from 1.5 Bft. The construction is extremely easy: insert the fibreglass rods into the side connectors and stretch the kite's tail with the thinner fibreglass rod supplied. The single-line kite is very robust thanks to its flexible fibreglass rods.

No additional accessories are required for this children's kite on a leash, as Pablo Parrot comes ready to fly to your home with a 40 m long and 40 kp strong polyester line. The cloud storm kite is ideal for children from 3 years of age. The kite, including accessories, is packed in a practical quiver bag with a viewing window.

Single Line Kite


Fabric: Taffeta

Wingspan: 160cm

Height: 120cm

Frame: Fiberglass

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