Wolkensturmer | Shark Kite Delta Single Line Traditional Flying Kite - 2,4m
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Sammy Shark! Don't be afraid of this children's kite, it's very tame! With a wingspan of 1.15 m and a total length of 2.4 m, it is beautiful to see in the sky. It is suitable for small pilots, i.e. for children from the age of 3 years. The kite consists of a polyester cloth and flies in a wind range of 2-4 Bft.

Building the kite is very simple: insert the black fiberglass rods into the center cross on the back of the kite, then guide the white fiberglass rods into the rod pockets of the shark's tail so that they bend in a semicircle and stretch the kite's tail really nicely. On the front of your Haidrachen there is a balance ring to which your 40 m long polyester cord is attached. Depending on the wind conditions, gradually unwind the cord from the supplied handle and off you go! The kite is very stable and especially popular with shark lovers when it circles in the sky!

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Single Line Kite


Fabric: Polyester

Wingspan: 115cm

Height: 240cm

Frame: Fiberglass

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