Wolkensturmer Skydart Kite - 1.75m
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Product Description

The Skydart stunt kite is a versatile and easy-to-use kite that is suitable for beginners, children aged 10 and above, and adults. With a wingspan of 175 cm and the ability to fly in low winds from 1.5 Bft, this kite is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of stunt kite flying.

The Skydart is made with 6 mm fiberglass poles that make it sturdy and durable, even in minor flying accidents. The kite comes with a pair of basic steering loops with red and black markings, as well as two polyester lines, each 25 m long, which are wound on a black winding board.

For added comfort, you can purchase padded flight straps from the online shop. Additionally, if any of the fiberglass poles break, they can be easily replaced using kite accessories available in the shop.

Overall, this is a stunt kite that offers moderate traction and good-natured flight. It is available in black with colourful wings or a purple-orange design and comes with a stunt kite guide with further tips for an exciting outdoor experience.

2 Lines Kite


Fabric: Polyester

Wingspan: 1.75m

Frame: 6mm Fiberglass

Line: 2x25m

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