Wolkensturmer Sled Kite - Freddy
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Product Description

The eerily beautiful children's Sled Freddy with its pirate motif is a colourful and exciting companion for a trip outdoors! Thanks to its easy handling, it is also ideal for small flight pilots and recommended for the age of 3 years. The single-line kite in the form of a sled is delivered to your home ready to fly. So all you have to do is unpack and leash him before you can pull him into the air. Already tethered to a 40-meter-long polyester cord, it can be packed up small in its practical kite tail and is therefore ideal for transport.
With its size of 65 x 44 cm and its light weight of less than 100 g, it can be flown wonderfully and easily. Our single-line kite with a pirate motif even lifts at 1 Bft. but is stable in the sky even in strong winds. In addition, the kite does not need any rods and is therefore very robust and resistant. The kite blows up through the two air chambers on the kite, so that you can see the kite motif wonderfully in the sky. So the sled offers a lot of flying fun for the little pilots.
Tip: If you would like to look around for other motifs, then you will find many more colourful designs of the Sled children's kite in our shop - by the way, also a nice gift idea for small children up to 6 years of age.

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