YJ Cube - Magic Snake 36 Joints
Total price £45.99

Product Description

Looking for a bigger challenge than the classic Magic Snake? Look no further than the 36-piece version of this iconic toy! With its larger size and more complex shape, this version of the Magic Snake offers a whole new level of puzzle-solving fun.

Like its smaller counterpart, the 36-piece Magic Snake is made up of interconnected triangular sections that can be twisted on two sides to create a wide variety of shapes and configurations. But thanks to its additional pieces, this version of the toy is capable of producing even more complicated shapes, including stars, camels, dinosaurs, and even goldfish! Whether you're a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or just looking for a fun new way to pass the time, the 36-piece Magic Snake is sure to provide hours of entertainment and creative play. So why wait? Add this unique and challenging puzzle to your collection today and get ready to experience the fun and excitement of the Magic Snake in a whole new way!

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