Yj Yongjun 3x3 Fisher Cube Mirror
Total price £46.99

Product Description

This puzzle, just like a mirror cube, is solved when it’s returned to the shape of a cube. The cube will completely change its shape when you scramble it, and the challenge lies in trying to get all the wacky pieces back into position so the puzzle returns to the shape of a cube again.

Brushed stickers with black background make the cube classy and cool.

Adopted 3x3 speedcube mechanism which make the turning more compliant and more comfortable than other twisted puzzles.

Anti-pop design on edge pieces perfectly eliminates the pop problem.

Big hole design on corners, edges and inside structure gives the cube high corner-cutting and make it smoother, and also reduces most of the lockup when turning the cube..Activate your imagination and creativity; Improve your memory and hand flexibility.

Perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience.

Rotate the magic cube with your friends and enjoy the happiness

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