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  • Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    The Henry's spinning plate has been pressed with attractive geometric patterns on the surface which let's users better gauge the speed of their plate. It's made of bright, translucent plastic which is soft enough to be appropriate for children. The main feature of the Henry's plate which sets it apart from the others is the double rim (or 'lip') at the base of the plate - meaning that the plate has two 'difficulty settings' - a new dynamic to plate spinning and most importantly - lots of fun for everyone.

    25cm diameter.

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  • Henrys Lizard Yo-Yo - Various Colours Available

    Henrys Lizard Yo-Yo - Various Colours Available

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    The Lizard is Henry's entry-level yo-yo - but as you'd expect from these skill toy pros, it performs fantastically. The Lizard has very cool coloured transparent shells mounted with soft rubber rings around the outside - this helps protect the yo-yo during mis-throws! The Lizard also uses Henry's AXYS system, which means the bearing at the heart of the yo-yo can be updated at a later time (you may consider loading it with the Speed Explosion kit as a killer upgrade). As it comes, the Lizard is mounted with a plastic trans-axle which will still facilitate some good sleep times. Best of all though, much like the Viper yo-yo, the Lizard can have its behaviour modified by loosening and tightening the cups - this allows the yo-yo to transform from a snappy looping yo-yo to a sleeping, responsive yo-yo with just a simple flick of the wrist. The Lizard comes with a free Henry's trick and tips booklet.

    Diameter 62mm, weight 48g.

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  • Henrys Classic Viper Yo-Yo

    Henrys Classic Viper Yo-Yo

    The Viper was HENRYS first Yo-Yo and completely set a new benchmark for performance yo-yos when it was released way back when. The exciting thing is that even now it holds its own against the competetion and is super versatile. The generous butterfly-shape is ideal for most string tricks. It uses an AXYS Speed Explosion Bearing which is really smooth-running. The soft rubber shells are made from that same quality rubber that Henrys use in all their equipment - its lovely to touch and strong enough for floor tricks like 'walk the dog' and 'creeper'. Henrys Viper was also the first yo-yo (to our knowledge) that used a QUICK-TRICK gap-adjustment system - basically this means that you can tighten your yo-yo to make it super snappy and responsive for looping tricks or loosen it to make the yo-yo less responsive and more suitable for lots of string contact. This yo-yo offers full performance at an unbeatable price.

    All Henrys yo-yos come with a free Henry's trick book full of maintenance tips. This yo-yo can be tweeked with any of the AXYS kits but plays perfectly straight out of the box. Includes string and is available in loads of colours.

    Ø 66mm, width 35mm, weight 55g Colors: white, red, pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, turquoise, orange, black, glow

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  • Henry's Viper Neo Yoyo

    Henry's Viper Neo Yoyo

    The Henrys Viper Neo is an updated version of the classic Viper Design. A wider bearing and a slightly more exaggerated butterfly shape make this yo-yo suitable for advanced 1A and 3A play. This yo-yo is completely unresponsive (thus requiring bind techniques to return it) but has 'gecko' silicone response pads embedded in the anodized aluminium hubs. A very fast bearing and high quality rubber cups that will retain their shape. Henrys manufacture high quality performance yo-yos and the Neo is no exception.

    All of these yo-yo's come with a free Henry's trick book.

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  • Henry's Viper Flux Yoyo

    Henry's Viper Flux Yoyo

    The Henrys Flux yo-yo is very similiar to the advanced Neo model but with the added advantage of integrated hubstacks. These consist of small black grips at either end of the axle, protruding from the anodized hubs, that allow the user to hold the yo-yo whilst it is still spinning. This obviously opens up the trick possibilities enormously. The hubstacks run right through the yo-yo's centre which can make maintenance a little tricky, but this is still a fantastic yo-yo that offers innovative trick potential. This yo-yo is unresponsive and thus requires bind techniques to return it to the users hand. It has silicone 'gecko' pads embedded in the anodized hubs which give it a lot of snap.

    Available in Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red and Green. Supplied with basic trick and tips book printed in English.

    All of these yo-yo's come with a free Henry's trick book.

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  • Henry's Python Yoyo

    Henry's Python Yoyo

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    An incredibly advanced yo-yo from Henrys. Manufactured in Germany, this is an unresposnive yo-yo with silicone 'gecko' pads embedded in the anodized hubs. Without being confused by the technical jargon, this means that the yo-yo won't come back to your hand when tugged but will need a 'bind'. The extra wide grease- and oil- free bearing can provide exceptionally long spin times and allows advanced technical play with lots of multiple string contact. The edges of the cups are that lovely Viper Style Rubber and come in a number of nice colours. A very nice weight, very well distributed across the whole yo-yo and it fits snugly in the hand. 61mm Diameter.

    All of these yo-yo's come with a free Henry's trick book.

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  • Henrys Coral Snake Yoyo

    Henrys Coral Snake Yoyo

    One of our finest yo-yos. A fast and very powerful loop yo-yo with anodized and engraved precision hubs made of aluminium, smooth running precision ball bearings and power rings. With system axle AXYS. Therefore changeable from ball bearings to sliding bearings, wooden bearings firm and loose.

    All of these yo-yo's come with a free Henry's trick book.

    Ø 61mm, width 27mm, weight 60g

    Colors: red, yellow, green, purple, blue, orange, black - please state choice in order comments.

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  • Henry's M2 Yo-Yo

    Henry's M2 Yo-Yo

    Henrys only all-metal yo-yo is a serious performance machine designed for professionals wanting to push their game forward. The components are completely lead free and the bearing is free of oil and grease. Like many of Henrys yo-yos this model has a feeling of precision about it - from the optimal shape which makes each throw a pleasure to the superb weight distribution and epic sleep times - this really is the perfect yo-yo for the demanding player. The M2 model available in BLUE and RED. Please choose your colour below.

    Yoyo Specs:
    Shape - Tech Butterfly
    Response System - Silicone Gekko Pad
    Axle Type - Grease Free Bearing
    Player Level - Advanced
    Style - 1A/ 3A
    Width - 42mm
    Diameter - 55mm
    Weight - 65g

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