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  • Henrys Coral Snake Yoyo

    Henrys Coral Snake Yoyo

    One of our finest yo-yos. A fast and very powerful loop yo-yo with anodized and engraved precision hubs made of aluminium, smooth running precision ball bearings and power rings. With system axle AXYS. Therefore changeable from ball bearings to sliding bearings, wooden bearings firm and loose.

    All of these yo-yo's come with a free Henry's trick book.

    Ø 61mm, width 27mm, weight 60g

    Colors: red, yellow, green, purple, blue, orange, black - please state choice in order comments.

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  • Henry's M2 Yo-Yo

    Henry's M2 Yo-Yo

    Henrys only all-metal yo-yo is a serious performance machine designed for professionals wanting to push their game forward. The components are completely lead free and the bearing is free of oil and grease. Like many of Henrys yo-yos this model has a feeling of precision about it - from the optimal shape which makes each throw a pleasure to the superb weight distribution and epic sleep times - this really is the perfect yo-yo for the demanding player. The M2 model available in BLUE and RED. Please choose your colour below.

    Yoyo Specs:
    Shape - Tech Butterfly
    Response System - Silicone Gekko Pad
    Axle Type - Grease Free Bearing
    Player Level - Advanced
    Style - 1A/ 3A
    Width - 42mm
    Diameter - 55mm
    Weight - 65g

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  • Henry's Python Yoyo

    Henry's Python Yoyo

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    An incredibly advanced yo-yo from Henrys. Manufactured in Germany, this is an unresposnive yo-yo with silicone 'gecko' pads embedded in the anodized hubs. Without being confused by the technical jargon, this means that the yo-yo won't come back to your hand when tugged but will need a 'bind'. The extra wide grease- and oil- free bearing can provide exceptionally long spin times and allows advanced technical play with lots of multiple string contact. The edges of the cups are that lovely Viper Style Rubber and come in a number of nice colours. A very nice weight, very well distributed across the whole yo-yo and it fits snugly in the hand. 61mm Diameter.

    All of these yo-yo's come with a free Henry's trick book.

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  • Duncan Barracuda Yo-Yo

    Duncan Barracuda Yo-Yo

    The Barracuda yo-yo is a super mean sleeping machine.

    It features a streamlined, aggressive shape that's perfect for knocking away all the competition. The latest generation of the Barracuda features incredible spin times thanks to its Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing (Size C) and it's optimised weight distribution.

    The Barracuda has a solid feel, that's both fast and powerful.

    Please note that this is a non-responsive bearing and does require bind techniques to get the yo-yo back to the player's hand.

    To keep pristine looks while not taking away from the play value, the outer body is blasted while the inner body is polished.

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