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  • AroundSquare Deadeye Contact Coin - Delrin

    AroundSquare Deadeye Contact Coin - Delrin

    Deadeyes are Aroundsquare’s first entry into the world of currency manipulation, and they’ve put a lot of time and effort into the refinement of this design, and the development of possibilities surrounding it. The delrin version of the deadeyes is primarily intended as a lightweight worry stone. While it is possible to manipulate them and perform “contact coin” style tricks, as with the metal Deadeyes, the lightweight delrin material makes such manipulations harder to execute smoothly. That said, the shape is the same as the original metal coins, with the same ergonomic indent on either side, making them an excellent fidget toy that won’t weigh down the pockets.

    The Delrin Deadeyes are currently available only in the larger 37mm diameter size. They weigh in at 7.5g per piece.

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  • AroundSquare Knucklebone Delrin

    AroundSquare Knucklebone Delrin

    AO2's Knucklebone is the original hardbody knuckle roller, make no mistake. This is a simple skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers of one or both hands to perform tricks and patterns, or simply to pass the time. It is very discrete (unless dropped) and can be played in very restricted spaces, and in contexts where other showier skill toys may not be appropriate.

    Size: Regular/ Original: 6cm long and 14g (machine finish)

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  • AroundSquare Knucklebone Acrylic

    AroundSquare Knucklebone Acrylic

    Warning: The acrylic “Ice Bones” tend to attract the interest of children, but they present a choking hazard, so keep them away from children under 10.

    About the Acrylic “Ice” Knucklebones

    The clear acrylic “Ice Bones” are lightweight, and have a smooth, glossy finish that provides good grip during play. The combination of weight and grip makes them less prone to drops, and is also excellent for many advanced moves that involve manipulating the kbone from one of the ends.

    Players accustomed to the momentum and gravity effect of the heavier metal versions may take some time to adjust to this style of play, but those interested in tricks and technical play will find this version extremely flexible and entertaining.

    The Ice Bones are quite striking visually. They are fully transparent, and refract light in very interesting ways due to their curvatures, allowing for some stunning photography possibilities. The coloured versions are dyed with excellent colour saturation.

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  • AroundSquare MoKnuckles - Delrin

    AroundSquare MoKnuckles - Delrin

    MoKnuckle is the single ball variant of our Monkey Knuckles skill toy. It’s amazing how much flow can be generated with just one ball on a string, and this setup, with delrin balls on soft 550 paracord, is ready to take that flow to the next level. The MoKnuckle features slightly larger balls than the delrin Monkey Knuckles, and are designed to give the player just a little bit of extra momentum to maximize the one-ball flow. The end grips are also slightly larger as well, giving the toy just the right balance when performing release moves, and carrying a little extra momentum to sustain motion once they are released.

    Just like the two-balled Monkey Knuckles, these guys give professional grade performance. They ship with soft 550 paracord, which handles like a dream. The knuckles and end grips are machined from high quality POM/ delrin material, which will hold up to any abuse you give them. This is a versatile skill toy, designed give many years of solid play. The MoKnuckles come with two additional strings, a carry bag, an info card, and a couple of stickers (no box).

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  • AroundSquare Monkey Knuckles - Delrin

    AroundSquare Monkey Knuckles - Delrin

    Monkey Knuckles - Delrin

    The new delrin Monkey Knuckles are the smoothest MK ever made. These guys give professional grade performance. They ship with soft 550 paracord, which handles like a dream. The knuckles and end grips are machined from high quality POM/ delrin material, which will hold up to any abuse you give them. They are slightly smaller than the wooden models, at just 35mm diameter, and weigh a bit more, at 75g per set. The result is a compact set that flows with excellent momentum. They come boxed and pre-strung, with two additional strings, a carry bag, an info card, and a couple of stickers.

    Note that because these are so smooth on the string, they are slightly more difficult to learn on than the wooden models. Intermediate and advanced players will almost certainly appreciate and prefer the feel and performance of the delrin, but beginners may prefer to start on one of the wooden models, or to start developing their skills with just one ball on the string, until they develop a feel for the way these flow.

    General Info on Monkey Knuckles

    Monkey Knuckles is about as simple as a toy can be. It consists of two large balls tethered on a string, with two small beads at either end that serve as grips or counterweights. The design of the toy allows players to integrate elements of play from a number of other skill toys, including yo-yos, poi, and others, as well as totally unique styles of play. The idea is to use the different structural elements in order to create different patterns of motion, isolated tricks, and combinations.

    Monkey Knuckles was first developed in 2003, partially in response to trends seen with other toys, including other skill toys, becoming increasingly high tech and complicated. Monkey Knuckles was an attempt to get back to a more basic kind of play that was not reliant on precision engineering, and would offer a rewarding experience for beginners learning their first tricks, as well as having the depth to allow advanced players to come up with more technical moves.

    Monkey Knuckles allows for both individual tricks and continuous flow which links tricks together. One of the unique features of the toy is that there is rarely a drop or a "reset" required. When a trick is missed, it is relatively easy for players to recover by linking their play with a different move instead. 

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