Club Juggling DVDs

DVDs and videos on club juggling. Inspire yourself with these great club juggling movies. Teach yourself and improve your club juggling skills, learn new tricks.

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  • KUKA Pop Juggling DVD (Club Juggling DVD)

    KUKA Pop Juggling DVD (Club Juggling DVD)

    Pop Jugglers: Jay Gilligan & Manu Laude
    >> rockin out live @ glastonbury & ejc04
    >> plus inspirational practise footage
    that's what were talking about......

    Pop Juggling is about freedom of expression and different lifestyles coming together in a timeless examination of the juggling culture.

    Kuka takes the everyday techniques of old circus and creates the extraordinary.

    Kuka: The most modern incarnation of the most classical juggling scenario. The performance behaves as visual fireworks, the blurred trails of speeding objects unmask a secretive, entrancing world within the darkness of the stage. How many unseen hours of practise mould this flying universe?

    This disc includes a complete edit of the live show as well as Manu Laude and Jay Gilligan in the rehersal room.

    produce of UK & USA

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  • Space Juggling

    Space Juggling

    South America's first juggling video
    we love this!

    Straight from the sun-drenched streets of Argentina comes this gem from top-notch South American jugglers, Marco Paoletti, Johans Jerez and ‘Toto’ Niño, to name but a few.

    Since their emergence in 2000, the good folks at K8 have brought cool new props to the juggling world, and the latest entry, Space Juggling, is no exception. This 45-minute long video is beautifully filmed, incorporating the richness and colour of Argentina, a clever attention to detail which takes advantage of the natural beauty of the city and meshes it with a unique perspective on a variety of juggling tricks.

    The juggling itself is wide-ranging: along with the Marco Paoletti’s characteristic style of ball-juggling, we also get a sizeable chunk of some solid-quality 4 and 5 club juggling from Toto; a tight bouncing section supplies an unanticipated highlight. A sweet extras section gives us an insight into the personalities behind the project and neatly rounds the whole thing off.

    And if all that isn’t enough for you, if you visit the K8 Space Juggling site,, you can play the retro Space Juggling game and remind yourself of what video games were like before Nintendo. Now that is a bonus.

    45 minutes plus extras
    hotter than the S. American sunshine

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  • To Be The Best 3

    To Be The Best 3


    Anthony Gatto at his jaw-dropping best
    things they will never do

    Hold onto your seats as you watch Anthony Gatto demonstrate some of the most difficult juggling moves ever achieved.

    Anthony Gatto is truly a juggler without compare. You will see why when you watch TBTBIII. This action packed juggling DVD takes you through all of Anthony’s latest moves with balls, rings, and clubs. You will be amazed by such feats as a 7 ring pirouette with a ball bounce or a 7 ball overhead pirouette. Get ready for a jaw dropping, mind blowing exhibition of technical juggling.

    85 minutes
    Made in America

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  • Madison Variations - The Art of Club Passing (Juggling DVD)

    Madison Variations - The Art of Club Passing (Juggling DVD)

    beautiful, textured and ever-changing patterns
    the Gandinis en masse at the begining of this millenium

    A celebration of the art of club passing set to the music of Johan Sebastian Bach. The entrancing patterns are variations on a series of other patterns created by the Mad 5, a group of jugglers based in Madison USA.

    Featuring many of Europe's leading jugglers, this beautifully filmed 2 to 12 person club passing film includes many never before seen patterns.

    DVD All Regions
    60 minutes
    Made in London

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  • Juggle Doll

    Juggle Doll

    new from Peapot.... amazin'
    if you haven't seen this - you've gotta...

    Finnish juggler Sakari.

    This is truly amazing juggling.

    Peapot Video is proud to produce and present a lo-fi solo juggling video from the Finnish wonder guy Sakari.

    Juggle Doll features Sakari's unique club juggling from the years 2000-2006. Video contains rolls, balances, throws and catches you won't think possible even AFTER watching this juggling art film.

    Parental advisory: contains the word ass. Four times.

    DVD Region Free
    63 minutes

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  • TYCD 1 (multi discipline Juggling DVD)

    TYCD 1 (multi discipline Juggling DVD)

    Things You Can't Do

    some of the top jugglers alive and breathing

    "Things You Can't Do" juggling video contains montages from some of today's top jugglers: Team Rootberry, Jack Kalvan, Chris Chiappinni, Ben Jennings, Dan Bennett, Olga Karavaeva, Ivan Pecel, Scotty Cavanaugh, Luke Jay, Bill Berry, Jeff Daymont, Ben Tolpin, Jonathan Root, Samvel and Edgar Mkrtchyan, and a special appearance by Shakes the Clown

    DVD Multi-Region
    55 minutes
    Made in America

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