Juggling Clubs are not as hard as people make out. It usually takes less than a day to learn. When mastered, the main advantage is that the club can spin forwards, backwards, sideways and with any spin at all, adding that extra dimension to your juggling. Need help choosing juggling clubs? Check out our guide:

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  • Juggle Dream Euro Classic Juggling Club

    Juggle Dream Euro Classic Juggling Club

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    This Euro Classic club from Juggle Dream is a light and well balanced, medium spin club. It features a silver air-cushioned handle and mirrored Euro style deco in 6 different colours. Both knob and end are made from heavy-duty rubber to ensure that these clubs will last a while. This is an entry level club which will still be appreciated and enjoyed by more experienced jugglers.

    Price is for one club.

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  • Henry's Metallic Deco Tape - 19mm x 10m

    Henry's Metallic Deco Tape - 19mm x 10m

    19mm quality decoration tape, ideal for club deco and customisation. Supplied in a smart presentation pack. Available in SILVER, RED, GREEN and BLUE. Please select the colour below

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  • Henry's Delphin Juggling Club

    Henry's Delphin Juggling Club

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    Even though the Henrys Delphin is considered a 'budget' club, it still handles beautifully. A lack of decoration means these clubs will stay looking nice for longer.

    The overall construction with quality components makes these lovely clubs and a very fun juggle.

    It has a slim polythene handle which is a little rough on the hands compared to a wrapped handle club, but does the job!

    The club has a strong Ash dowel and all knobs and ends can be easily replaced.

    Very slightly lighter than the other Henrys clubs, Delphins are much favoured by numbers jugglers due to their slim silhouette and robustness.

    Available in a number of colours, price is for ONE club.

    Body Length: 30cm
    Handle Length: 22cm
    Overall Length: 52cm
    Weight: 200 grams.

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