Juggling Clubs are not as hard as people make out. It usually takes less than a day to learn. When mastered, the main advantage is that the club can spin forwards, backwards, sideways and with any spin at all, adding that extra dimension to your juggling. Need help choosing juggling clubs? Check out our guide:

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  • TYCD 1 (multi discipline Juggling DVD)

    TYCD 1 (multi discipline Juggling DVD)

    Things You Can't Do

    some of the top jugglers alive and breathing

    "Things You Can't Do" juggling video contains montages from some of today's top jugglers: Team Rootberry, Jack Kalvan, Chris Chiappinni, Ben Jennings, Dan Bennett, Olga Karavaeva, Ivan Pecel, Scotty Cavanaugh, Luke Jay, Bill Berry, Jeff Daymont, Ben Tolpin, Jonathan Root, Samvel and Edgar Mkrtchyan, and a special appearance by Shakes the Clown

    DVD Multi-Region
    55 minutes
    Made in America

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  • Juggle Doll

    Juggle Doll

    new from Peapot.... amazin'
    if you haven't seen this - you've gotta...

    Finnish juggler Sakari.

    This is truly amazing juggling.

    Peapot Video is proud to produce and present a lo-fi solo juggling video from the Finnish wonder guy Sakari.

    Juggle Doll features Sakari's unique club juggling from the years 2000-2006. Video contains rolls, balances, throws and catches you won't think possible even AFTER watching this juggling art film.

    Parental advisory: contains the word ass. Four times.

    DVD Region Free
    63 minutes

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  • Juggle Dream Pulsar Fire Torches

    Juggle Dream Pulsar Fire Torches

    These slick looking fire torches from Juggle Dream are excellent props for fire performers and club jugglers looking to try something a little more exciting. Each torch is beautifully balanced centrally making these a very versatile prop, suited equally for fast and slow juggling. A slim profile gives these torches a graceful flight and narrows the chance of mid-air collision. Each torch has a good length of quality 50mm wick secured to the end which can be easily replaced. These clubs are a very easy juggle, with the wrapped handles offering a comfortable catch and the rubber rings giving more protection to the flash silver decoration when dropped. The torch also features a heavy duty rubber knob which will enable some nice club balances.

    Length: 50.5cm
    Wick: 5.5cm
    Weight: 236g

    Price is for One Torch.

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  • Juggle Dream Sabre Edge Knife

    Juggle Dream Sabre Edge Knife

    5 Review(s)
    This is by far the most realistic knife on the market. It is weighted perfectly for knife juggling and features a wrapped handle for comfortable catches. The knife is very strong with a blunt blade which gives the illusion of danger and is extremely easy to juggle. Weight is 0.300Kg

    Price is for one knife.

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  • Madison Variations - The Art of Club Passing (Juggling DVD)

    Madison Variations - The Art of Club Passing (Juggling DVD)

    beautiful, textured and ever-changing patterns
    the Gandinis en masse at the begining of this millenium

    A celebration of the art of club passing set to the music of Johan Sebastian Bach. The entrancing patterns are variations on a series of other patterns created by the Mad 5, a group of jugglers based in Madison USA.

    Featuring many of Europe's leading jugglers, this beautifully filmed 2 to 12 person club passing film includes many never before seen patterns.

    DVD All Regions
    60 minutes
    Made in London

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  • Henry's Delphin Juggling Club

    Henry's Delphin Juggling Club

    2 Review(s)

    Even though the Henrys Delphin is considered a 'budget' club, it still handles beautifully. A lack of decoration means these clubs will stay looking nice for longer.

    The overall construction with quality components makes these lovely clubs and a very fun juggle.

    It has a slim polythene handle which is a little rough on the hands compared to a wrapped handle club, but does the job!

    The club has a strong Ash dowel and all knobs and ends can be easily replaced.

    Very slightly lighter than the other Henrys clubs, Delphins are much favoured by numbers jugglers due to their slim silhouette and robustness.

    Available in a number of colours, price is for ONE club.

    Body Length: 30cm
    Handle Length: 22cm
    Overall Length: 52cm
    Weight: 200 grams.

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  • Kosmos 3 pin Charger + 12V Charger (UK EU USA Plug)

    Kosmos 3 pin Charger + 12V Charger (UK EU USA Plug)

    This energy distributor allows you to charge several Kosmos illuminated products at the same time using the multiple outputs.
    An indicator light will glow when power supply is connected.
    External power supply details:
    Output: 12VDC / 300mA
    Connector type: plug 2.1mm
    Polarity: any Learn More


  • To Be The Best 3

    To Be The Best 3


    Anthony Gatto at his jaw-dropping best
    things they will never do

    Hold onto your seats as you watch Anthony Gatto demonstrate some of the most difficult juggling moves ever achieved.

    Anthony Gatto is truly a juggler without compare. You will see why when you watch TBTBIII. This action packed juggling DVD takes you through all of Anthony’s latest moves with balls, rings, and clubs. You will be amazed by such feats as a 7 ring pirouette with a ball bounce or a 7 ball overhead pirouette. Get ready for a jaw dropping, mind blowing exhibition of technical juggling.

    85 minutes
    Made in America

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  • Play PX3 Quantum Juggling Club

    Play PX3 Quantum Juggling Club

    1 Review(s)

    The PX3 Quantum juggling club is an awesome training club. The PX3 technology means that each club is identically balanced and weighted as well as being incredibly tough - the vast majority of clubs on the juggling market have a wooden dowel at the centre. This means that in some cases the wood can have weak points. The PVC dowel in the PX3 Quantum means that this club is super durable and will put up with almost anything you can throw at it. The balance point of the body is almost central meaning the club floats steady and neutral. the combination of this and the weight make it really versatile and ideal for tricks like high-slow throws, flats and any other siteswap treat you care to mention. Ultimately the PX3 Circus is easy to control and very good for practicing any juggling style. The PX3 Quantum is fitted with a FLEX GRIP handle in white - a comfortable but inexpensive alternative to a wrapped handle that is much more durable. Did we mention that the body colours are UV reactive as well?
    Price is for ONE club.
    L: 52cm
    W: 220g
    D: 80mm
    bodyL: 30cm
    handleL: 22cm Learn More


  • Play 'D' Juggling Clubs

    Play 'D' Juggling Clubs

    This one piece club from Play, Italy is (in our opinion) one of the greatest juggling clubs to be designed in many years. Sergie Ignatov, the world famour Russian juggler, said that these clubs juggle and are balanced identically to his own. The catch is a little bit firm to start with but this also makes them extremelly responsive.

    It has a lovely, floaty spin and is superb for club balances, body balances and club contact moves, due to the silicon sections along the club. Due to the lightness of this club, it is also excellent for manipulation and number juggling.

    The silicon inserts act as grip and decoration and wont wear off over time. They are also interchangeable and can be bought seperately to allow the user to decorate the club as they please. Jugglers who value originality can custom design their own patterns for their clubs.

    To custom make your own creations, the pattern or image can be placed in the D Club template and printed out. The templates can then be cut out and placed underneath the clear silicon inserts. Your unique creation is then ready to show off, and can be changed around as many times as you wish.

    The D Club template can be downloaded here!

    Our full selection of coloured silicon grips for these clubs can be bought here.

    Price is for ONE club. Learn More


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