Juggling Clubs are not as hard as people make out. It usually takes less than a day to learn. When mastered, the main advantage is that the club can spin forwards, backwards, sideways and with any spin at all, adding that extra dimension to your juggling. Need help choosing juggling clubs? Check out our guide:

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  • Juggle Dream Euro Classic Juggling Club

    Juggle Dream Euro Classic Juggling Club

    3 Review(s)

    This Euro Classic club from Juggle Dream is a light and well balanced, medium spin club. It features a silver air-cushioned handle and mirrored Euro style deco in 6 different colours. Both knob and end are made from heavy-duty rubber to ensure that these clubs will last a while. This is an entry level club which will still be appreciated and enjoyed by more experienced jugglers.

    Price is for one club.

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  • Henry's Metallic Deco Tape - 19mm x 10m

    Henry's Metallic Deco Tape - 19mm x 10m

    19mm quality decoration tape, ideal for club deco and customisation. Supplied in a smart presentation pack. Available in SILVER, RED, GREEN and BLUE. Please select the colour below

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  • KUKA Pop Juggling DVD (Club Juggling DVD)

    KUKA Pop Juggling DVD (Club Juggling DVD)

    Pop Jugglers: Jay Gilligan & Manu Laude
    >> rockin out live @ glastonbury & ejc04
    >> plus inspirational practise footage
    that's what were talking about......

    Pop Juggling is about freedom of expression and different lifestyles coming together in a timeless examination of the juggling culture.

    Kuka takes the everyday techniques of old circus and creates the extraordinary.

    Kuka: The most modern incarnation of the most classical juggling scenario. The performance behaves as visual fireworks, the blurred trails of speeding objects unmask a secretive, entrancing world within the darkness of the stage. How many unseen hours of practise mould this flying universe?

    This disc includes a complete edit of the live show as well as Manu Laude and Jay Gilligan in the rehersal room.

    produce of UK & USA

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    The Compendium of Club Juggling - Charlie Dancey (Juggling Book)

    The Compendium of Club Juggling - Charlie Dancey (Juggling Book)

    The companion to the Encyclopedia is written and illustrated in the same way. Covers an astounding number of tricks, upto nine clubs in the air and eleven club passing! Suitable for everyone from beginner to expert.

    Paperback. 248pp.

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    Juggle Dream Solo Juggling Club - Set of 3

    Juggle Dream Solo Juggling Club - Set of 3

    1 Review(s)

    The Juggle Dream Solo decorated one piece club is a great budget option for anyone looking to start club juggling. Constructed from a single piece of injection moulded high impact plastic and decorated with metallic Euro style decorations these clubs are great value, really look the part and juggle well for a one piece club. Their round handle knobs also makes them suitable for club swinging.

    Sold as a set of three.

    Length - 49.5cm
    Weight - 202g
    Colour - 1 Blue, 1 red and 1 silver.

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  • If You Are a Juggler...- Alexander Kiss

    If You Are a Juggler...- Alexander Kiss

    Written in 1970 by Alexander Kiss and just released for the first time in English, Niels Duinkers' translation is a welcome read. An interesting look at juggling and the Soviet experience. The author, Alexander Kiss, won the Rastelli Award for the best juggler in the world in 1969. Learn More

  • Juggle Dream Sabre Edge Knife

    Juggle Dream Sabre Edge Knife

    5 Review(s)
    This is by far the most realistic knife on the market. It is weighted perfectly for knife juggling and features a wrapped handle for comfortable catches. The knife is very strong with a blunt blade which gives the illusion of danger and is extremely easy to juggle. Weight is 0.300Kg

    Price is for one knife.

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  • Play PX3 Quantum Juggling Club

    Play PX3 Quantum Juggling Club

    1 Review(s)

    The PX3 Quantum juggling club is an awesome training club. The PX3 technology means that each club is identically balanced and weighted as well as being incredibly tough - the vast majority of clubs on the juggling market have a wooden dowel at the centre. This means that in some cases the wood can have weak points. The PVC dowel in the PX3 Quantum means that this club is super durable and will put up with almost anything you can throw at it. The balance point of the body is almost central meaning the club floats steady and neutral. the combination of this and the weight make it really versatile and ideal for tricks like high-slow throws, flats and any other siteswap treat you care to mention. Ultimately the PX3 Circus is easy to control and very good for practicing any juggling style. The PX3 Quantum is fitted with a FLEX GRIP handle in white - a comfortable but inexpensive alternative to a wrapped handle that is much more durable. Did we mention that the body colours are UV reactive as well?
    Price is for ONE club.
    L: 52cm
    W: 220g
    D: 80mm
    bodyL: 30cm
    handleL: 22cm Learn More


  • Space Juggling

    Space Juggling

    South America's first juggling video
    we love this!

    Straight from the sun-drenched streets of Argentina comes this gem from top-notch South American jugglers, Marco Paoletti, Johans Jerez and ‘Toto’ Niño, to name but a few.

    Since their emergence in 2000, the good folks at K8 have brought cool new props to the juggling world, and the latest entry, Space Juggling, is no exception. This 45-minute long video is beautifully filmed, incorporating the richness and colour of Argentina, a clever attention to detail which takes advantage of the natural beauty of the city and meshes it with a unique perspective on a variety of juggling tricks.

    The juggling itself is wide-ranging: along with the Marco Paoletti’s characteristic style of ball-juggling, we also get a sizeable chunk of some solid-quality 4 and 5 club juggling from Toto; a tight bouncing section supplies an unanticipated highlight. A sweet extras section gives us an insight into the personalities behind the project and neatly rounds the whole thing off.

    And if all that isn’t enough for you, if you visit the K8 Space Juggling site,, you can play the retro Space Juggling game and remind yourself of what video games were like before Nintendo. Now that is a bonus.

    45 minutes plus extras
    hotter than the S. American sunshine

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  • To Be The Best 3

    To Be The Best 3


    Anthony Gatto at his jaw-dropping best
    things they will never do

    Hold onto your seats as you watch Anthony Gatto demonstrate some of the most difficult juggling moves ever achieved.

    Anthony Gatto is truly a juggler without compare. You will see why when you watch TBTBIII. This action packed juggling DVD takes you through all of Anthony’s latest moves with balls, rings, and clubs. You will be amazed by such feats as a 7 ring pirouette with a ball bounce or a 7 ball overhead pirouette. Get ready for a jaw dropping, mind blowing exhibition of technical juggling.

    85 minutes
    Made in America

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