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  • 75mm Juggle Dream Coloured Acrylic Contact Ball

    75mm Juggle Dream Coloured Acrylic Contact Ball

    1 Review(s)

    Juggle Dream present their beautiful translucent coloured balls in pure acrylic. Unlike polycarbonate, acrylic has no resistance when rubbed against other acrylic objects. This gives effortlessly smooth multiball stacks.

    75mm Balls are super versatile and a comfortable weight for most ball manipulators.

    Diameter: 75mm
    Weight: 255 grams

    Warning! – These balls are lenses (apart from black) and will set fires, keep them covered!

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  • Henry's Delphin Juggling Club

    Henry's Delphin Juggling Club

    2 Review(s)

    Even though the Henrys Delphin is considered a 'budget' club, it still handles beautifully. A lack of decoration means these clubs will stay looking nice for longer.

    The overall construction with quality components makes these lovely clubs and a very fun juggle.

    It has a slim polythene handle which is a little rough on the hands compared to a wrapped handle club, but does the job!

    The club has a strong Ash dowel and all knobs and ends can be easily replaced.

    Very slightly lighter than the other Henrys clubs, Delphins are much favoured by numbers jugglers due to their slim silhouette and robustness.

    Available in a number of colours, price is for ONE club.

    Body Length: 30cm
    Handle Length: 22cm
    Overall Length: 52cm
    Weight: 200 grams.

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  • Mr Babache J9 Body Rolling Ball - 125mm

    Mr Babache J9 Body Rolling Ball - 125mm

    Please note that the price is for one ball

    The Mister Babache Body Rolling Ball (sometimes known amongst jugglers as the J9) is perfect for body rolling tricks and contact moves. At 300g this is a heavy ball which should aid its stickiness. Unlike other practice contact balls the J9 is soft but also very squidgy and perfectly spherical. The surface to this ball is also very grippy and finished with a gloss effect.

    A picture is worth more than a thousand words so watch this video of Jeanine Ebnöther at the 2007 BJC in Nottigham doing her stuff with the Mr. Babache Body Rolling Ball.

    Body Roll Ball Specs:
    weight: 300g
    diameter: 125mm

    (On a side note we noticed that the White colour version is a bit more rigid than the coloured variations).

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  • Play PX3 Quantum Juggling Club

    Play PX3 Quantum Juggling Club

    1 Review(s)

    The PX3 Quantum juggling club is an awesome training club. The PX3 technology means that each club is identically balanced and weighted as well as being incredibly tough - the vast majority of clubs on the juggling market have a wooden dowel at the centre. This means that in some cases the wood can have weak points. The PVC dowel in the PX3 Quantum means that this club is super durable and will put up with almost anything you can throw at it. The balance point of the body is almost central meaning the club floats steady and neutral. the combination of this and the weight make it really versatile and ideal for tricks like high-slow throws, flats and any other siteswap treat you care to mention. Ultimately the PX3 Circus is easy to control and very good for practicing any juggling style. The PX3 Quantum is fitted with a FLEX GRIP handle in white - a comfortable but inexpensive alternative to a wrapped handle that is much more durable. Did we mention that the body colours are UV reactive as well?
    Price is for ONE club.
    L: 52cm
    W: 220g
    D: 80mm
    bodyL: 30cm
    handleL: 22cm Learn More


  • Play 'D' Juggling Clubs

    Play 'D' Juggling Clubs

    This one piece club from Play, Italy is (in our opinion) one of the greatest juggling clubs to be designed in many years. Sergie Ignatov, the world famour Russian juggler, said that these clubs juggle and are balanced identically to his own. The catch is a little bit firm to start with but this also makes them extremelly responsive.

    It has a lovely, floaty spin and is superb for club balances, body balances and club contact moves, due to the silicon sections along the club. Due to the lightness of this club, it is also excellent for manipulation and number juggling.

    The silicon inserts act as grip and decoration and wont wear off over time. They are also interchangeable and can be bought seperately to allow the user to decorate the club as they please. Jugglers who value originality can custom design their own patterns for their clubs.

    To custom make your own creations, the pattern or image can be placed in the D Club template and printed out. The templates can then be cut out and placed underneath the clear silicon inserts. Your unique creation is then ready to show off, and can be changed around as many times as you wish.

    The D Club template can be downloaded here!

    Our full selection of coloured silicon grips for these clubs can be bought here.

    Price is for ONE club. Learn More


  • Play 130mm Stage and Body Rolling Ball

    Play 130mm Stage and Body Rolling Ball

    The Play 130mm Stage ball is the biggest contact stage ball in the world (we think)! It was developed following the requests of jugglers looking for gigantic stage balls that are incredibly visual yet easy and smooth to control. That's why the 130mm contact stage ball is perfect both for experienced performers and absolute beginners! Please note that these balls should be stored with different colours in different bags.

    With a weight of 400g it will stick to your body and roll gently.
    Available in 7 UV reactive colours plus glow in the dark.

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    Juggle Dream Stage Contact Ball 100mm

    Juggle Dream Stage Contact Ball 100mm

    1 Review(s)

    Price is for one ball.

    This large stage ball is perfect for contact juggling! Also makes a very visual stage ball.

    The thickest-skinned juggling ball we have ever encountered. This practice ball is slightly sticky and heavier than a normal stage ball making it a very forgiving practice contact ball. Ideal for beginners. contact juggling and standard toss juggling (very visual but rather big).

    The 100mm version is particularly good for body rolls and balances. It carries a very subtle seam around the equator, but this is hardly visible. The weight is also great and should make the transition from practice ball to acrylic much easier!

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  • Rhythmic Gymnastic Ball - 420g

    Rhythmic Gymnastic Ball - 420g

    This Rhythmic Gymnastic Ball is perfect for Ball Spinning and Head Bouncing!
    The lighter model is better for head bouncing, more humane to the neck while the heavier model is better for ball spinning.

    Conform to RSA (Rhythmic Gymnastic Association) specification.
    Weight: 420 grams.

    Please note these balls have a black RSA logo. Learn More

  • Juggle-Light 12-Panel Pro LED Footbag

    Juggle-Light 12-Panel Pro LED Footbag

    This 12-Panel LED Footbag (2.7" ? approximately) is made with the same material (Amara) and designed in the same manner as professional footbags. Despite the super bright LED unit sunk inside the ball it is still very easy to perform foot and body stalls with. Each footbag is made from a selection of bright, coloured panels. Below you will see you have the choice to choose an inner LED colour.

    From experience we can say that BLUE and WHITE LEDs give a more neutral glow to the ball, but you're welcome to choose whatever colour you wish. This footbag also works for jugglers who like an underfilled ball.

    The 12-Panel LED Footbag comes in 9 ultra-bright, static colours, plus fade and alternating.

    This is an entry level prop and a great introductory product into the world of LED. Best used in total darkness with no other light sources.

    The LED unit is powered by 3 x LR43 cell batteries. These batteries are available on Oddballs Website Alternatively you can purchase cell batteries as an add-on below.

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  • Play Sil-X Ball - 100mm

    Play Sil-X Ball - 100mm

    3 Review(s)

    Please note that the price is for one Sil-X 100mm ball only

    These stage balls from Play, Italy are the largest of the Sil-X range, thus making them the easiest ball for contact juggling and single ball manipulation. These bright, UV reactive balls are partially filled with a non-toxic liquid silicon. The advantage of this is increased stability in high throws. Foot and neck catches as well as head balances also become much easier. The ball has a much lower centre of gravity making it slightly easier to control and use in body rolls.

    Without any doubt the SiL-X juggling balls are the most technically advanced stage balls on the market. They have a very slight seam barely worth mentioning and a small plug sunk in to the surface of the ball Please note that these balls should be stored with different colours in different bags..

    Diameter: 100mm
    Weight: 300g

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