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Here you can find all types of juggling balls including thuds, beanbags, stageballs, led glow ball, fire juggling balls, bounce balls, dx balls, sand and silicone filled balls, mmx balls, spinning balls, head bouncing balls etc...If you want to know how to juggle we have great ball juggling videos, DVDs and books to get you started. For great ball juggling offers check out our "ball deals" section.
Click here to see the Guinness record holder for 12 balls and one of Brighton's greatest jugglers, Peter Bone, do his stuff! To get inspired in ball juggling visit our friends at the juggling.tv balls channel.

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  • Oddballs LED Glow Ball - Single Colour

    Oddballs LED Glow Ball - Single Colour

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    Price is for one ball.
    These are professionally weighted LED juggling balls. We reckon they perform and juggle as good as balls twice their price. Oddballs LED juggling balls are tough enough to survive lots of drops on tough surfaces - each ball is powered by 3 x LR44 cell batteries and will last for around 5-6 hours constant use. These batteries are available in most hardware shops or you can buy them from the Oddballs Website. The battery chamber is sunk inside the ball - you turn the balls on by turning the covering screw cap which sits below the surface of the ball. At 155g these balls are a great juggle and the weight feels well distributed around the ball to give it a neutral flight. The light dispersal is also great as each ball has been filled with translucent plastic pellets to provide better light transparency - use these balls at night for best effect. Each ball comes with batteries.

    Each ball are filled with translucent plastic pellets

    Please note you have to remove the protection between batteries before first usage! Please make your colour selection below.

    Weight: 155 gr.
    Diameter: 68mm.

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  • Play Sil-X Ball - 100mm

    Play Sil-X Ball - 100mm

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    Please note that the price is for one Sil-X 100mm ball only

    These stage balls from Play, Italy are the largest of the Sil-X range, thus making them the easiest ball for contact juggling and single ball manipulation. These bright, UV reactive balls are partially filled with a non-toxic liquid silicon. The advantage of this is increased stability in high throws. Foot and neck catches as well as head balances also become much easier. The ball has a much lower centre of gravity making it slightly easier to control and use in body rolls.

    Without any doubt the SiL-X juggling balls are the most technically advanced stage balls on the market. They have a very slight seam barely worth mentioning and a small plug sunk in to the surface of the ball Please note that these balls should be stored with different colours in different bags..

    Diameter: 100mm
    Weight: 300g

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  • Juggle-Light 12-Panel Pro LED Footbag

    Juggle-Light 12-Panel Pro LED Footbag

    This 12-Panel LED Footbag (2.7" ? approximately) is made with the same material (Amara) and designed in the same manner as professional footbags. Despite the super bright LED unit sunk inside the ball it is still very easy to perform foot and body stalls with. Each footbag is made from a selection of bright, coloured panels. Below you will see you have the choice to choose an inner LED colour.

    From experience we can say that BLUE and WHITE LEDs give a more neutral glow to the ball, but you're welcome to choose whatever colour you wish. This footbag also works for jugglers who like an underfilled ball.

    The 12-Panel LED Footbag comes in 9 ultra-bright, static colours, plus fade and alternating.

    This is an entry level prop and a great introductory product into the world of LED. Best used in total darkness with no other light sources.

    The LED unit is powered by 3 x LR43 cell batteries. These batteries are available on Oddballs Website Alternatively you can purchase cell batteries as an add-on below.

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  • Play Sil-X Implosion Ball - 100mm

    Play Sil-X Implosion Ball - 100mm

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    Price is for one ball
    The Implosion balls from Play Juggling are one of the most technologically advanced juggling balls available. Like the rest of the Sil-x range, the Implosion is a stage ball partially filled with liquid silicone. This gives it stability in high throws and makes foot and neck catches and head balances much easier. Slightly softer than the other versions of the Sil-x, the Implosion has a transparent shell which leaves the UV active contents clearly visible. This 100mm version is excellent for stage performances and contact juggling. Learn More

  • Play 130mm Stage and Body Rolling Ball

    Play 130mm Stage and Body Rolling Ball

    The Play 130mm Stage ball is the biggest contact stage ball in the world (we think)! It was developed following the requests of jugglers looking for gigantic stage balls that are incredibly visual yet easy and smooth to control. That's why the 130mm contact stage ball is perfect both for experienced performers and absolute beginners! Please note that these balls should be stored with different colours in different bags.

    With a weight of 400g it will stick to your body and roll gently.
    Available in 7 UV reactive colours plus glow in the dark.

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