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This is where we home all the fun things that won't fit in anywhere else! Fun balance toys, fidget cubes and jitter rings, throwing toys, spinning tops and science kits.

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  • Qu-Ax Mini Bike

    Qu-Ax Mini Bike

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    The Qu-Ax Mini Bike is one of the smallest bikes in the world! .

    • Solid steel frame with metallic finish.
    • BSA bottom bracket with chromed crank.
    • Chain ½ x 32, titanium coloured.
    • 1" chrome headset.
    • 1" stem with aluminium forehead.
    • Chromed handlebar.
    • Leather imitation saddle with noble rivets.
    • Chromed rims, 6" with black PU-tyres.

    Not a child's bike - just for fun!
    Comes with its own stand.

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