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  • Duncan Delta Weight

    Duncan Delta Weight

    Introducing, our newest creation, the Delta Weight! Featuring innovative technology that allows you to fine-tune the weight of the die, the adjustable weight is perfect for your refined taste. With the familiar shape of the classic die and the newly introduced corner groove, this weight brings the tried and true classic weight into the modern era of freehand play. Designed to allow you to tailor the counterweight to your demand, the adjustable weight is ready to be exactly what you need! Learn More

  • Hyper LED Kendama

    Hyper LED Kendama

    This smart LED Kendama is made from a tough, coloured plastic - ideal for dispersing the light from the LEDs loaded inside the Ken and Dama. This model has the same proportions as a standard kendama with a similar balance but is good for a night-time jam.

    Available in 4 colours.

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  •  Duncan Spin Drifter Yo-Yo

    Duncan Spin Drifter Yo-Yo

    Whether you are a beginner player looking for an easy, responsive yoyo, or an experienced player looking for some fun, alternative play, the Spin Drifter caters for both!

    With spinning side caps (kind of like hubstacks), you can try all types of new tricks! Rip start your yoyo!

    For something different, you can remove the string and wrap it around the axle, hold the yoyo by the side caps, and you can spin it like a gyroscope!

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  • AroundSquare Knucklebone Acrylic

    AroundSquare Knucklebone Acrylic

    Warning: The acrylic “Ice Bones” tend to attract the interest of children, but they present a choking hazard, so keep them away from children under 10.

    About the Acrylic “Ice” Knucklebones

    The clear acrylic “Ice Bones” are lightweight, and have a smooth, glossy finish that provides good grip during play. The combination of weight and grip makes them less prone to drops, and is also excellent for many advanced moves that involve manipulating the kbone from one of the ends.

    Players accustomed to the momentum and gravity effect of the heavier metal versions may take some time to adjust to this style of play, but those interested in tricks and technical play will find this version extremely flexible and entertaining.

    The Ice Bones are quite striking visually. They are fully transparent, and refract light in very interesting ways due to their curvatures, allowing for some stunning photography possibilities. The coloured versions are dyed with excellent colour saturation.

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  • Duncan Freehand NextGen Yo-Yo

    Duncan Freehand NextGen Yo-Yo

    The FreeHand is surely one of the most iconic lines from Duncan.

    This NextGen yo-yo is based on the upgraded Pro version, with even more enhancements.

    The NextGen is compatible with the old 48mm Freehand sidecaps, so you can mix and match your caps for an old-school flavour.

    Moreover, the NextGen comes with a counterweight dice for 5A play.

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  • Henrys Classic Viper Yo-Yo

    Henrys Classic Viper Yo-Yo

    The Viper was HENRYS first Yo-Yo and completely set a new benchmark for performance yo-yos when it was released way back when. The exciting thing is that even now it holds its own against the competetion and is super versatile. The generous butterfly-shape is ideal for most string tricks. It uses an AXYS Speed Explosion Bearing which is really smooth-running. The soft rubber shells are made from that same quality rubber that Henrys use in all their equipment - its lovely to touch and strong enough for floor tricks like 'walk the dog' and 'creeper'. Henrys Viper was also the first yo-yo (to our knowledge) that used a QUICK-TRICK gap-adjustment system - basically this means that you can tighten your yo-yo to make it super snappy and responsive for looping tricks or loosen it to make the yo-yo less responsive and more suitable for lots of string contact. This yo-yo offers full performance at an unbeatable price.

    All Henrys yo-yos come with a free Henry's trick book full of maintenance tips. This yo-yo can be tweeked with any of the AXYS kits but plays perfectly straight out of the box. Includes string and is available in loads of colours.

    Ø 66mm, width 35mm, weight 55g Colors: white, red, pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, turquoise, orange, black, glow

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