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  • Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    The Henry's spinning plate has been pressed with attractive geometric patterns on the surface which let's users better gauge the speed of their plate. It's made of bright, translucent plastic which is soft enough to be appropriate for children. The main feature of the Henry's plate which sets it apart from the others is the double rim (or 'lip') at the base of the plate - meaning that the plate has two 'difficulty settings' - a new dynamic to plate spinning and most importantly - lots of fun for everyone.

    25cm diameter.

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  • Duncan Big Fun Yo-Yo

    Duncan Big Fun Yo-Yo

    The all new Duncan Big Fun is one of those yo-yos where the name just says it all. This thing is big and it's a ton of fun to play with, what more do you need?

    With a 63mm diameter the Big Fun towers over most other plastics on the market. It's pretty big, as the name states, but it plays more like a normal sized yo-yo than you expect. Duncan kept the weight just under 62g so the large size is kind of offset by it's fast and maneuverable feel in play. That's the fun part - AND it has a fingerspin hub, so even more fun right there!

    Whether you like big yo-yos, fun yo-yos, or a combination of the two, the Big Fun has you covered!

    Weight: 63.6 grams

    Width: 44.25 mm

    Diameter: 63.50 mm

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  • Henrys Classic Viper Yo-Yo

    Henrys Classic Viper Yo-Yo

    The Viper was HENRYS first Yo-Yo and completely set a new benchmark for performance yo-yos when it was released way back when. The exciting thing is that even now it holds its own against the competetion and is super versatile. The generous butterfly-shape is ideal for most string tricks. It uses an AXYS Speed Explosion Bearing which is really smooth-running. The soft rubber shells are made from that same quality rubber that Henrys use in all their equipment - its lovely to touch and strong enough for floor tricks like 'walk the dog' and 'creeper'. Henrys Viper was also the first yo-yo (to our knowledge) that used a QUICK-TRICK gap-adjustment system - basically this means that you can tighten your yo-yo to make it super snappy and responsive for looping tricks or loosen it to make the yo-yo less responsive and more suitable for lots of string contact. This yo-yo offers full performance at an unbeatable price.

    All Henrys yo-yos come with a free Henry's trick book full of maintenance tips. This yo-yo can be tweeked with any of the AXYS kits but plays perfectly straight out of the box. Includes string and is available in loads of colours.

    Ø 66mm, width 35mm, weight 55g Colors: white, red, pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, turquoise, orange, black, glow

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