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  • Duncan Delta Weight

    Duncan Delta Weight

    Introducing, our newest creation, the Delta Weight! Featuring innovative technology that allows you to fine-tune the weight of the die, the adjustable weight is perfect for your refined taste. With the familiar shape of the classic die and the newly introduced corner groove, this weight brings the tried and true classic weight into the modern era of freehand play. Designed to allow you to tailor the counterweight to your demand, the adjustable weight is ready to be exactly what you need! Learn More

  • Henrys Tiger Snake Yoyo

    Henrys Tiger Snake Yoyo

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    The Tiger Snake yo-yo is designed and manufactured in Germany by the team at Henry's - built around their interchangeable, modular 'AXYS' system. At the heart of the Tiger Snake is the Slider AXYS system. Straight out the box, this yo-yo is fast and extremly agile. For players who demand super-long spin times, it can be modified with theSpeed Explosion Kit at a later date if required. The streamlined, narrow profile of this yo-yo make it perfect for fast looping tricks and two handed (2A) yo-yo play.

    Each Tiger Snake Feature extra large, ultra-light hubs with air-cushioned power rings in dazzling colours. These not only ensure more weight is at the rim for better spins, but make it much safer to use indoors and when practising tricks where the yo-yo might collide with your body. Overall, this is light and quick, and a great tool for perfect loops.

    Diameter 60mm, weight 48g.

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  • Henrys Cobra Yoyo

    Henrys Cobra Yoyo

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    Inexpensive alternative to Viper yo-yo, with colored plastic hubs and slightly heavier shells. this yo uses the AXYS slider axle which is a transaxle system. Handles suprisingly well for string tricks. With system axle AXYS. Can be changed from sliding bearing version to ball bearings, wooden bearings firm and loose.

    All of these yo-yo's come with a free Henry's trick book.

    Ø 66mm, width 35mm, weight 46g

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    The team at Royal Kendama were really happy with the reception that the original Royal Competition Model received - but they wanted to keep pushing forward. Now at Oddballs, we are proud to present to you their new Plush model. After deep testing, they have improved their original design with an amazing paint durability, plus a coating that will give higher-level players that little extra edge they need for the craziest of technical tricks.

    65/35 colour splits available in 5 striking two-tones, plus the deliciously transparent “Honey” colour, for those who just love to show off their grain.

    The Plush is lush. We know you’re going to love it!

    Kendama has roots in historical Japan but is now played and practiced all over the globe. Paying tribute to the Japanese origins, The Royal Kendama is designed to hone balance, and concentration as well igniting the imagination. With Royal Kendama the trick possibilities are infinite; catches, throws, spikes and stalls.

    It's time to get clicking!

    Designed in conjunction with The Void - the first Westerner to achieve 5th dan grading and 2 time British Open Champion.

    For more information about the history and team behind Royal Kendama be sure to check out: Learn More


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