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  • Yomega Firestorm Yo-Yo

    Yomega Firestorm Yo-Yo

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    The Yomega Firestorm is a slim, fast looping yo-yo. It comes mounted with a plastic transaxle system and star burst response pattern for snappy binds and loops. Also made from bullet-proof plastic! Comes with cotton string. Ideal first yo-yo for youngsters.

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  • Juggle Dream Infinity Ring - Anodised Version

    Juggle Dream Infinity Ring - Anodised Version

    Infinity Ring from Juggle Dream. This listing is for the Andonised version of the Infinity Ring. The Infinity Flow Ring is great for mesmerising arm patterns and flow arts. Learn More

  • Trompos Space Jupiter Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    Trompos Space Jupiter Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    The Jupiter is the BIG BROTHER is the Trompos Family of Spinning Tops. It's exaggerated, generous size means gauging it's speed and flight are significantly easier. It's also the only model to come with an internal weight-shifting mechanism. This innovative design inside the main chassis allows players to alter the Top's centre of gravity. By doing this the spinning characteristics of the top can adapt to different playing styles and different tricks. the Jupiter is supplied with Launching Kit and string which can be safely stored inside the top when not in use. When mounted with the ROLLER tip, the Jupiter turns in to a long-spinning power-house capable of performing superb technical tricks. Provided in a smart presentation box and manufactured in the EU.

    The Jupiter spinning top is available in WHITE, but please choose between a SILVER and GOLD lid below

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  • Duncan Torque yoyo

    Duncan Torque yoyo

    Full-sized, wide, and powerful. These are just a few words to describe Duncan's newest offering, the Torque. Built from the ground up, the Torque is a yo-yo that is truly worthy of Duncan's 85 year pedigree. Comfortably sitting in the hand, the Torque's stepped profile draws attention to its rich anodize. Its design is the result of a careful balancing act of opposites: at once fast yet powerful, agile yet full-sized, the Torque is a yo-yo that can and will do it all. High speed combos, technical tricks, or sideways manuevers, the Torque is a yo-yo built for the demands of modern day play. The performance is double what you need for a price at half of what you would expect, the Torque is a yo-yo that can, and will exceed your expectations.

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  • Duncan Echo 2 Yo-Yo

    Duncan Echo 2 Yo-Yo

    Perfect for grind and competition style tricks, Echo2™ is an affordable, high performance yo-yo that features a large, concave high speed ball-bearing axle, precision machined aircraft-grade aluminum body and SG Sticker™ response for professional unresponsive yo-yo play. Its precision machined grooves reduce friction while performing 'grind' style tricks too. Echo is for experienced yo-yo players and is unresponsive. Meaning that it does not return to the hand when you tug the string. To bring the yo-yo back to your hand you must do a "bind". Instructions are included.

    Weight: 67.7g

    Size: 56mm x 42.2mm

    Bearing: KonKave - Size C

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  • AroundSquare Titan (Titanium) Begleri

    AroundSquare Titan (Titanium) Begleri

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    The Titan begleri from Aroundsquare are precision machined from grade five titanium. They feature an innovative "gumdrop" bead design unlike else on the market, with a domed top for very smooth play, and a straight, knurled barrel for superior control. They are extremely durable and very well weighted, and the bead design plays, feels, and looks amazing. The Titans are 19mm by 19mm, and weigh in at 17g per bead. They come with several extra strings, a fist full of stickers, a canvas carry bag, an info card, and a slick little gift box. 

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