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  • 183cm Juggle Dream 12-Plait Leather Bullwhip

    183cm Juggle Dream 12-Plait Leather Bullwhip

    This Bullwhip is the classic American Western style whip. It is a great starting point for those looking to learn whip cracking on an entry level budget.

    Plaited from 12 separate strands of cowhide leather, the even taper of the thong (main body) and slim fall (tip) make the whip very responsive and relatively easy to crack. The handle is weighted for optimum balance and is covered with a decorative criss cross plait which provides extra grip.

    We recommend the 6' Bullwhip for beginners & smaller users as they are a little easier to handle than the 8's.
    Available in: Black, Dark Tan and Red/Black.

    PLEASE REMEMBER THESE WHIPS ARE NOT TOYS!!! They can cause serious injury. They are not for sale to under 18s. Appropriate eye protection should be used for training and whips should always be used in a safe open space away from other people.

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  • G-balance 5' Nylon Performance whips

    G-balance 5' Nylon Performance whips

    Introducing G-balance whips. These 12 plait performance hybrids whips are beautifully handmade in the USA and a level above the other whips we stock. They are great for learning the basics of whip cracking as well as doing multiple crack routines. They're fairly light weight so you can train for longer periods without having to rest. The shorter whips tend to be better for targeting, whereas the longer ones are more versatile. Consider the size of your practice space and/or stage when choosing a length. Be safe and most of all have fun learning new skills! Available in black with pink accent, black with red accent, red with black accent. Learn More

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