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  • Plastic Pour Spout

    Plastic Pour Spout

    Replacement plastic pour spouts for your Flair bottles. Price is for 1 item. Learn More

  • Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Introducing the latest skill toy craze sending waves across Europe - the humble Spinning Top has been given a dramatic design overhaul by the team at Trompos Space. With advanced, aerodynamic shapes each top has been designed for optimum balance, agility and endurance. The Saturno is the entry-level model in the range, with this model coming mounted with a 'FIXED' tip. Launching Loop and string are neatly stored inside the Top and removed via the quick release fastenings. Once players have learned the basic throw or 'launch' the fun begins. Using a Trompos Space Spinning top, players will be able to master a huge array of techniques and progress up the trick ladder until they are the true Spinning Top Master. Saturno Xtreme is provided in a smart presentation box and is ready for immediate launch!

    Available in a big range of colours. Please select your BODY colour below.
    Orange Body / Black Top
    Yellow Body / Red Top
    Black Body / Red Top
    Red Body / Blue Top
    Blue Body / Purple Top
    Green Body / Blue Top
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  • Duncan Yo-Yo Storage Pouch

    Duncan Yo-Yo Storage Pouch

    Store and carry up to 6 yo-yos in the Duncan® Yo-Yo Pouch! Each pouch comes with customizable foam that can be placed between yo-yos and can be clipped to backpacks belt loops, and more!

    Ready To-Go!
    Customizable foam block to fit up to 6 Yo-Yos!

    The Yo-Yo Storage Pouch offers the best value in quality, price and durability!

    The Yo-Yo Storage Pouch has already become a favorite of many of the Yo-Yo players around the globe!

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    Out of stock

  • Duncan Color Shift Junior Puzzle Ball

    Duncan Color Shift Junior Puzzle Ball

    An easier version of Duncan's popular Color Shift™, Jr. Color Shift™ Puzzle Ball features 7 balls instead of the standard 11, suitable for young beginners while still providing a challenge. Just like the Color Shift, it can be solved by matching all the colored balls with their corresponding colored rings. Utilize the one empty cavity to shift balls from one cavity to another until you found the match.

    How fast can you solve it?

    Compact Round and Smaller
    Jr. Color Shift is comfortable and nice to hold.

    Reduced Difficulty for Young Beginners
    With 4 less balls/holes compared to Color Shift, its still challenging but easier.

    Keeps the Mind Active
    Do no underestimate the power of an active mind!

    NOTE: the video below is of the standard Colour Shift ball, the Junior is smaller with less holes (so it is easier to solve!)

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    V-Cube 3b - Black 3x3x3 - Pillow Puzzle Cube

    V-Cube 3b - Black 3x3x3 - Pillow Puzzle Cube

    The classic puzzle toy with a contemporary twist! V-Cube have quickly established themselves as THE speed-cube brand for fanatical puzzle solvers the world over. Using patented technology, V-Cube have developed a skill tou that rotates smoothly and cleanly facilitating the fastest fingers possible to work their magic. In this classic 3 x 3 x 3 design, edges and corners have been rounded to make a more ergonomically satisfying toy. Rotations are quick and smooth and the performance unbeatable.

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  • Theory 11 Artisan Playing Card Deck

    Theory 11 Artisan Playing Card Deck

    Artisan cards from American specialists Theory 11 were given the accreditation of "the best playing cards ever produced" by none other than world famous magician David Copperfield - and with good reason! These immaculately presented playing cards feature incredible design and artwork by Simon Frouws. They feature an elegant gold foil hot stamp and are made from FSC certified wood. If you are looking for the ultimate showtime performance deck, look no further than Theory 11. Available in both White and Black variations. Learn More

  • Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    The Famous Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top is now available with a clever ROLLER tip modification. By using an independently free-spinning roller tip, players will be able to achieve longer trick sequences and more impressive catches. Each Top has been made in the EU to high standards and is ready for competition. With an aerodynamic shape for optimum agility and stability, the Saturno Xtreme will allow battle to commence. Master tricks and innovate new ones - the Trompos Range of Spinning Tops will let players achieve - presented in Smart Presentation box - as used by the European champion Javi Demaria.

    Available in the following colour combinations - the colour indicated in the drop-down box is the BODY colour.
    Red Body / Yellow Lid
    Yellow Body / Purple Lid
    Purple Body / White Lid
    Pink Body / Green Lid
    Orange Body / Black Lid
    Green Body / Black Lid
    Blue Body / Purple Lid
    Black Body / Orange Lid
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  • AroundSquare Deadeye Contact Coin - Delrin

    AroundSquare Deadeye Contact Coin - Delrin

    Deadeyes are Aroundsquare’s first entry into the world of currency manipulation, and they’ve put a lot of time and effort into the refinement of this design, and the development of possibilities surrounding it. The delrin version of the deadeyes is primarily intended as a lightweight worry stone. While it is possible to manipulate them and perform “contact coin” style tricks, as with the metal Deadeyes, the lightweight delrin material makes such manipulations harder to execute smoothly. That said, the shape is the same as the original metal coins, with the same ergonomic indent on either side, making them an excellent fidget toy that won’t weigh down the pockets.

    The Delrin Deadeyes are currently available only in the larger 37mm diameter size. They weigh in at 7.5g per piece.

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  • Henrys Tiger Snake Yoyo

    Henrys Tiger Snake Yoyo

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    The Tiger Snake yo-yo is designed and manufactured in Germany by the team at Henry's - built around their interchangeable, modular 'AXYS' system. At the heart of the Tiger Snake is the Slider AXYS system. Straight out the box, this yo-yo is fast and extremly agile. For players who demand super-long spin times, it can be modified with theSpeed Explosion Kit at a later date if required. The streamlined, narrow profile of this yo-yo make it perfect for fast looping tricks and two handed (2A) yo-yo play.

    Each Tiger Snake Feature extra large, ultra-light hubs with air-cushioned power rings in dazzling colours. These not only ensure more weight is at the rim for better spins, but make it much safer to use indoors and when practising tricks where the yo-yo might collide with your body. Overall, this is light and quick, and a great tool for perfect loops.

    Diameter 60mm, weight 48g.

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  • AroundSquare Knucklebone Delrin

    AroundSquare Knucklebone Delrin

    AO2's Knucklebone is the original hardbody knuckle roller, make no mistake. This is a simple skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers of one or both hands to perform tricks and patterns, or simply to pass the time. It is very discrete (unless dropped) and can be played in very restricted spaces, and in contexts where other showier skill toys may not be appropriate.

    Size: Regular/ Original: 6cm long and 14g (machine finish)

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