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  • Juggle Dream 'Basic' Wooden Yo-Yo

    Juggle Dream 'Basic' Wooden Yo-Yo

    Basic free-spin Yo-Yo available in various bright colours - made from a lacquered maple wood with smoothly rounded edges. This yo-yo is very simple but seriously fun - made of one piece of solid wood by a manufacturer who specialises with very traditional machinery. These items are unique, traditional wooden toys which pay homage to yo-yos of yesteryear. The Juggle Dream Basic Yo-Yo is great to learn the basics of Trick Yo-Yo play and preparation to all further techniques applied on Yo-Yos (sliders, auto-return, ball-bearings etc). Available in 5 colours red, blue, yellow and white as well as Natural wood. These work best with Type 8 cotton string, which runs smoothly around the centre, fixed axle.

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  • Duncan Candy Dice Counterweight

    Duncan Candy Dice Counterweight

    Designed by World Champion and yo-yo legend Shingo Terada, this weight is the real deal. Through exhaustive experimentation with various plastics, we arrived at the perfect material for this design. The Candy Dice is engineered to perfection; excellent maneuverability, fast spinning, and the convenience of easily attaching the weight to the string are only some of the factors that make this weight great. So put the string in the groove and play!

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  • Duncan Double Dice Counterweight

    Duncan Double Dice Counterweight

    The all-new double dice counterweight is our newest innovation. Our goals were the creation of a new way to play counterweight and the enablement of the invention of interesting new tricks. Through intensive prototyping, we optimized the weight distribution for each die to achieve maximum performance. Attach the double dice counterweight to your favorite Duncan Yo-Yo and start innovating!


    24.05 x 24.05 x 24.20mm


    Original design by Duncan® Engineers and Team Members.

    Double Dice is made out of strong polycarbonate plastic.

    Double dice is the new way to play Freehand! Come up with new tricks and share them with us!

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  • Duncan Color Shift Junior Puzzle Ball

    Duncan Color Shift Junior Puzzle Ball

    An easier version of Duncan's popular Color Shift™, Jr. Color Shift™ Puzzle Ball features 7 balls instead of the standard 11, suitable for young beginners while still providing a challenge. Just like the Color Shift, it can be solved by matching all the colored balls with their corresponding colored rings. Utilize the one empty cavity to shift balls from one cavity to another until you found the match.

    How fast can you solve it?

    Compact Round and Smaller
    Jr. Color Shift is comfortable and nice to hold.

    Reduced Difficulty for Young Beginners
    With 4 less balls/holes compared to Color Shift, its still challenging but easier.

    Keeps the Mind Active
    Do no underestimate the power of an active mind!

    NOTE: the video below is of the standard Colour Shift ball, the Junior is smaller with less holes (so it is easier to solve!)

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  • Theory 11 Artisan Playing Card Deck

    Theory 11 Artisan Playing Card Deck

    Artisan cards from American specialists Theory 11 were given the accreditation of "the best playing cards ever produced" by none other than world famous magician David Copperfield - and with good reason! These immaculately presented playing cards feature incredible design and artwork by Simon Frouws. They feature an elegant gold foil hot stamp and are made from FSC certified wood. If you are looking for the ultimate showtime performance deck, look no further than Theory 11. Available in both White and Black variations. Learn More

  • AroundSquare Deadeye Contact Coin - Delrin

    AroundSquare Deadeye Contact Coin - Delrin

    Deadeyes are Aroundsquare’s first entry into the world of currency manipulation, and they’ve put a lot of time and effort into the refinement of this design, and the development of possibilities surrounding it. The delrin version of the deadeyes is primarily intended as a lightweight worry stone. While it is possible to manipulate them and perform “contact coin” style tricks, as with the metal Deadeyes, the lightweight delrin material makes such manipulations harder to execute smoothly. That said, the shape is the same as the original metal coins, with the same ergonomic indent on either side, making them an excellent fidget toy that won’t weigh down the pockets.

    The Delrin Deadeyes are currently available only in the larger 37mm diameter size. They weigh in at 7.5g per piece.

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  • Duncan Freehand Yoyo

    Duncan Freehand Yoyo

    The Freehand yo-yo was the first yo-yo in the world that didn't need to be tied to your hand! With its patented counter-weight system, you can let go of the yo-yo in mid-trick, making the impossible look easy. The Freehand was developed with U.S. National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown, inventor of Freehand-style play. The Freehand has an extra wide Butterfly shape, and special Friction Stickers for smooth play and perfect response. The Freehand is excellent for both regular 1A advanced string trick (with out counter weight) and freehand. Learn More

  • AroundSquare Knucklebone Delrin

    AroundSquare Knucklebone Delrin

    AO2's Knucklebone is the original hardbody knuckle roller, make no mistake. This is a simple skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers of one or both hands to perform tricks and patterns, or simply to pass the time. It is very discrete (unless dropped) and can be played in very restricted spaces, and in contexts where other showier skill toys may not be appropriate.

    Size: Regular/ Original: 6cm long and 14g (machine finish)

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  • De Kuyper flair Bottle

    De Kuyper flair Bottle

    The 700ml DeKuyper Flairco is similar in shape to the original Bols bottle, but with a longer neck. Its longer handle makes it ideal for continuous finger twirling, as well as flourishes. Easy for wide and slow juggling patterns.

    Made out of the same sleek and durable plastic as all flair bottles.

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  • AroundSquare MoKnuckles - Delrin

    AroundSquare MoKnuckles - Delrin

    MoKnuckle is the single ball variant of our Monkey Knuckles skill toy. It’s amazing how much flow can be generated with just one ball on a string, and this setup, with delrin balls on soft 550 paracord, is ready to take that flow to the next level. The MoKnuckle features slightly larger balls than the delrin Monkey Knuckles, and are designed to give the player just a little bit of extra momentum to maximize the one-ball flow. The end grips are also slightly larger as well, giving the toy just the right balance when performing release moves, and carrying a little extra momentum to sustain motion once they are released.

    Just like the two-balled Monkey Knuckles, these guys give professional grade performance. They ship with soft 550 paracord, which handles like a dream. The knuckles and end grips are machined from high quality POM/ delrin material, which will hold up to any abuse you give them. This is a versatile skill toy, designed give many years of solid play. The MoKnuckles come with two additional strings, a carry bag, an info card, and a couple of stickers (no box).

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