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  • Juggle Dream Spinning Plate & Stick

    Juggle Dream Spinning Plate & Stick

    Spinning Plates are loved by children of all ages and are an excellent introdution into circus skills. This spinning plate from Juggle Dream is by far the strongest one we sell and the easiest one to use for all age groups. It is a well balanced plate which is 23cm across and has a generous lip underneath in which to place your stick. It comes in a variety of eye catching colours and is made from flexible plastic which will maintain its shape when dropped, but doesnt make too much noise!.

    This plate comes complete with a two-piece plastic stick or a one piece with a plastic nib for spinning.

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  • Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    The Henry's spinning plate has been pressed with attractive geometric patterns on the surface which let's users better gauge the speed of their plate. It's made of bright, translucent plastic which is soft enough to be appropriate for children. The main feature of the Henry's plate which sets it apart from the others is the double rim (or 'lip') at the base of the plate - meaning that the plate has two 'difficulty settings' - a new dynamic to plate spinning and most importantly - lots of fun for everyone.

    25cm diameter.

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  • Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo

    Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo

    In production since 1954, the Imperial Yo-Yo is Duncan's basic looping model and the perfect pocket money prop for youngsters. Available in several bright colours and made from a tough bright plastic, the Imperial features a narrow string gap and steel axle.

    Yoyo specs:
    Shape - Narrow Loop
    Response System - Fixed
    Axle Type - Steel
    Player Level - Beginner
    Style - 2A - Looping
    Diameter - 57mm
    Weight - 60g

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  • Aerobie Squidgy Ball

    Aerobie Squidgy Ball

    This fun catch toy is made from rubber fins and is great for children, adults and animals. It is soft and squeezey but great for outdoor games. It floats in water so is great for playing with in the pool or sea. Comes in smart presentation box. Learn More

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  • Hyper LED Kendama

    Hyper LED Kendama

    This smart LED Kendama is made from a tough, coloured plastic - ideal for dispersing the light from the LEDs loaded inside the Ken and Dama. This model has the same proportions as a standard kendama with a similar balance but is good for a night-time jam.

    Available in 4 colours.

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  • Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    The Famous Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top is now available with a clever ROLLER tip modification. By using an independently free-spinning roller tip, players will be able to achieve longer trick sequences and more impressive catches. Each Top has been made in the EU to high standards and is ready for competition. With an aerodynamic shape for optimum agility and stability, the Saturno Xtreme will allow battle to commence. Master tricks and innovate new ones - the Trompos Range of Spinning Tops will let players achieve - presented in Smart Presentation box - as used by the European champion Javi Demaria.

    Available in the following colour combinations - the colour indicated in the drop-down box is the BODY colour.
    Red Body / Yellow Lid
    Yellow Body / Purple Lid
    Purple Body / White Lid
    Pink Body / Green Lid
    Orange Body / Black Lid
    Green Body / Black Lid
    Blue Body / Purple Lid
    Black Body / Orange Lid
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  • Duncan Torque yoyo

    Duncan Torque yoyo

    Full-sized, wide, and powerful. These are just a few words to describe Duncan's newest offering, the Torque. Built from the ground up, the Torque is a yo-yo that is truly worthy of Duncan's 85 year pedigree. Comfortably sitting in the hand, the Torque's stepped profile draws attention to its rich anodize. Its design is the result of a careful balancing act of opposites: at once fast yet powerful, agile yet full-sized, the Torque is a yo-yo that can and will do it all. High speed combos, technical tricks, or sideways manuevers, the Torque is a yo-yo built for the demands of modern day play. The performance is double what you need for a price at half of what you would expect, the Torque is a yo-yo that can, and will exceed your expectations.

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