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  • Infinity Yo-yo strings - Pack of ten strings.

    Infinity Yo-yo strings - Pack of ten strings.

    Infinity yo-yo strings are 100% Polyester type 10. They are very soft, smooth and extremely durable. sold in packs of 10.
    Available in Yellow, Orange and Green.

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  • Juggle Dream Spinning Plate & Stick

    Juggle Dream Spinning Plate & Stick

    Spinning Plates are loved by children of all ages and are an excellent introdution into circus skills. This spinning plate from Juggle Dream is by far the strongest one we sell and the easiest one to use for all age groups. It is a well balanced plate which is 23cm across and has a generous lip underneath in which to place your stick. It comes in a variety of eye catching colours and is made from flexible plastic which will maintain its shape when dropped, but doesnt make too much noise!.

    This plate comes complete with a two-piece plastic stick or a one piece with a plastic nib for spinning.

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  • Royal Kururin Tumbler - Second Generation

    Royal Kururin Tumbler - Second Generation

    Watching the Kururin scene develop has been a highlight of the last year, with more tricks and variations developed than ever thought possible. At the forefront of that development has been the Royal Kururin. Taking Feedback from the Royalist Pro Team, The Kururin enters it's second generation with the following design improvements: Alternating Colour Pads to better track tumbles and flips. Improved Silicone Pad system for better grip, stacks and stalls. An additional, stylised groove to aid grip and purchase. The second generation uses the same classic Kururin shape, but allows you to take your game to a new level. Lazer-Engraved with the Royal logo./p Learn More


  • Duncan Imperial Spinning Top

    Duncan Imperial Spinning Top

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    The Duncan Imperial Spin Top is a basic top which has been in production since the mid 1960s. This is easy for beginners to use and lightweight enough for small kids. The cap comes off to store extra strings. Comes in a variety of colours - please choose below. Learn More

  • Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    The Henry's spinning plate has been pressed with attractive geometric patterns on the surface which let's users better gauge the speed of their plate. It's made of bright, translucent plastic which is soft enough to be appropriate for children. The main feature of the Henry's plate which sets it apart from the others is the double rim (or 'lip') at the base of the plate - meaning that the plate has two 'difficulty settings' - a new dynamic to plate spinning and most importantly - lots of fun for everyone.

    25cm diameter.

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  • Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo

    Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo

    In production since 1954, the Imperial Yo-Yo is Duncan's basic looping model and the perfect pocket money prop for youngsters. Available in several bright colours and made from a tough bright plastic, the Imperial features a narrow string gap and steel axle.

    Yoyo specs:
    Shape - Narrow Loop
    Response System - Fixed
    Axle Type - Steel
    Player Level - Beginner
    Style - 2A - Looping
    Diameter - 57mm
    Weight - 60g

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  • Duncan Proyo Yoyo

    Duncan Proyo Yoyo

    One of the best known wooden axle yo-yos.
    The classic shape, rim-weighted, take-apart ProYo yo-yo features a patented replaceable wooden axle sleeve. Making it a firm favourite amongst many for looping.
    Suitable for all ages.

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  • Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo

    Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo

    Since 1954, the Duncan® Butterfly's wide string gap has made it much easier to land the Yo-Yo back on the string. This model is best for learning string tricks like "Trapeze" and "Double or Nothing". The Butterfly's wider shape also makes it easier to perform "Shoot the Moon." It's worth noting that this is our most basic yo-yo, suitable for younger children. Features a 'star-burst' response system

    Yo-yo specs:
    Weight: 68.5 grams
    Diameter: 56mm
    Width: 37mm
    Axle: Steel Axle (non-bearing)
    Sidecaps: Fixed
    Play: Beginner 1A
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  • Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Introducing the latest skill toy craze sending waves across Europe - the humble Spinning Top has been given a dramatic design overhaul by the team at Trompos Space. With advanced, aerodynamic shapes each top has been designed for optimum balance, agility and endurance. The Saturno is the entry-level model in the range, with this model coming mounted with a 'FIXED' tip. Launching Loop and string are neatly stored inside the Top and removed via the quick release fastenings. Once players have learned the basic throw or 'launch' the fun begins. Using a Trompos Space Spinning top, players will be able to master a huge array of techniques and progress up the trick ladder until they are the true Spinning Top Master. Saturno Xtreme is provided in a smart presentation box and is ready for immediate launch!

    Available in a big range of colours. Please select your BODY colour below.
    Orange Body / Black Top
    Yellow Body / Red Top
    Black Body / Red Top
    Red Body / Blue Top
    Blue Body / Purple Top
    Green Body / Blue Top
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  • Aerobie Squidgy Ball

    Aerobie Squidgy Ball

    This fun catch toy is made from rubber fins and is great for children, adults and animals. It is soft and squeezey but great for outdoor games. It floats in water so is great for playing with in the pool or sea. Comes in smart presentation box. Learn More

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