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The professional bar flair products, imported by us, are suitable for practising bar-tender's tricks and fancy moves.

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  • Plastic Pour Spout

    Plastic Pour Spout

    Replacement plastic pour spouts for your Flair bottles. Price is for 1 item. Learn More

  • Bar Blade Stainless Steel

    Bar Blade Stainless Steel

    The Stainless Steel Bar Blade provides a strong and simple to use bottle opener that is already favoured by professional barmen across the world. The added length of this bar blade allows you to get great leverage on bottle caps helping you to open them with ease!

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  • Spill Stop Pour Spout

    Spill Stop Pour Spout

    These Professional quality metal spill-stop pour spouts are made in the USA by the good people at Flairco. Metal pour spouts are compatible with all Flairco bottles as well as normal glass bottles. However - your flair bottle becomes a lot more dangerous for practising flips and stalls with one of these inserted - we recommend learning with a plastic spout and saving these for the bar.

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  • Magnetic Bar Blade Clip

    Magnetic Bar Blade Clip

    A simple piece of design for the functional bar tender - this magnetic bar clip attaches over the top of your belt and keeps your bar blade close to hand whenever you should need it. Please be aware this is quite a powerful magnetic - we wouldn't reccomend keeping it near your smart phone or credit cards.

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  • Bar Blades Vinyl Coated

    Bar Blades Vinyl Coated

    This stylish Vinyl Coated Bar Blade offers excellent grip and a strong design for ease of opening beer bottles. Perfect for professional bartenders or use at home, this durable Bar Blade also features a spinner ring making it perfect for flair tricks.

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  • Flairco 16oz Cocktail Cheater Tin

    Flairco 16oz Cocktail Cheater Tin

    The 16oz stainless steel cheater tin is a necessity for the working or competitive flair bartender. This tin works as a replacement to a standard 16oz tumbler (the glass you would normally use to make a cocktail with your boston tin). It fits perfectly into the standard 28oz Boston size, capping the contents of the tin prior to shaking your drinks. Supplied as one tin.

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  • 28oz Cocktail Shaker Tin

    28oz Cocktail Shaker Tin

    The standard 28oz stainless steel shaker tin is perfect for bottle and tin style flair! Holds 28oz of liquid. Used in conjunction with the flair bottles in practically every flair routine. Used for either catching the flair bottle in the tin, or the tin on the flair bottle. The base is slightly weighted, giving it a more controllable throw and catch. Price shown is for one. The perfect addition to the flair bottle as it opens up a whole new realm of tricks. Designed to fit the 750ml bottle.

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