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  • Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Introducing the latest skill toy craze sending waves across Europe - the humble Spinning Top has been given a dramatic design overhaul by the team at Trompos Space. With advanced, aerodynamic shapes each top has been designed for optimum balance, agility and endurance. The Saturno is the entry-level model in the range, with this model coming mounted with a 'FIXED' tip. Launching Loop and string are neatly stored inside the Top and removed via the quick release fastenings. Once players have learned the basic throw or 'launch' the fun begins. Using a Trompos Space Spinning top, players will be able to master a huge array of techniques and progress up the trick ladder until they are the true Spinning Top Master. Saturno Xtreme is provided in a smart presentation box and is ready for immediate launch!

    Available in a big range of colours. Please select your BODY colour below.
    Orange Body / Black Top
    Yellow Body / Red Top
    Black Body / Red Top
    Red Body / Blue Top
    Blue Body / Purple Top
    Green Body / Blue Top
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  • Trompos Space Pegasus Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Trompos Space Pegasus Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Introducing the Pegasus Spinning Top from Trompos Space. This model is crafted from slicker, more robust plastics than the Saturno range to ensure your Spinning Top not only stays looking great, but is a reliable performer every time. The Pegasus comes mounted with a traditional FIXED tip and lends itself beautifully to 'friction tricks' where the top is require to glide along the string. Each Pegasus Spinning Top is supplied with launching tools and string, which can be sealed inside the Top when not in use and accessed via the quick-release casing. Launching a spinning top takes 15 minutes to master, but once achieved, tops can be used to battle and compete for most sophisticated trick. the Pegasus is light, agile and tough - perfect for playing and clashing on a variety of surfaces. The neutral balance of the top will give generous time for tricks to be learnt and executed. Made in the EU.

    The Pegasus is a WHITE spinning top, but please choose your lid colour. Available in BLUE, GREEN and RED.

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  • Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    The Famous Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top is now available with a clever ROLLER tip modification. By using an independently free-spinning roller tip, players will be able to achieve longer trick sequences and more impressive catches. Each Top has been made in the EU to high standards and is ready for competition. With an aerodynamic shape for optimum agility and stability, the Saturno Xtreme will allow battle to commence. Master tricks and innovate new ones - the Trompos Range of Spinning Tops will let players achieve - presented in Smart Presentation box - as used by the European champion Javi Demaria.

    Available in the following colour combinations - the colour indicated in the drop-down box is the BODY colour.
    Red Body / Yellow Lid
    Yellow Body / Purple Lid
    Purple Body / White Lid
    Pink Body / Green Lid
    Orange Body / Black Lid
    Green Body / Black Lid
    Blue Body / Purple Lid
    Black Body / Orange Lid
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  • Trompos Space Jupiter - Fixed Tip

    Trompos Space Jupiter - Fixed Tip

    The Jupiter is the Big Brother in the range of Spinning Tops from Trompos Space. Made from a resilient, durable plastic crafted in to an aerodynamic shape the Jupiter is a go-to performance top for players who like to have control over every element of their prop. The Lid of the Top can be removed allowing players to store their launching tools and string inside when not in use. The Cap also has a carefully placed 'dimple' which, in the right hands, will allow for complicated, excited stacking tricks. The Jupiter is the only model in the Trompos range to come with an internal weight mechanism. This allows players to tweak and adjust the Top's centre of gravity depending on their playing style and the tricks they're tricking to achieve. The Trompos Space Jupiter comes mounted with a FIXED tip for traditional trick play - as well as being able to land solid spins consistently, the Fixed tip excels at tricks where the Top is require to shoot along the string. The Jupiter Spinning Top is frequently used by all members of the Trompos Space Pro Team and works in every scenario; training, competing and battling!

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  • Trompos Space Neptuno Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Trompos Space Neptuno Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    For The Top Player who demands optimum performance and great looking props, The Neptuno from Trompos Space makes a dramatic re-entry for the stratosphere. Crafted from a polished stainless-steel, this Spinning Top takes no prisoners. The Pro Team at Trompos Space took time to develop a performance skill toy that withstand the training process and not falter when it came to competition time. The sturdy metal adds more weight to the Top (particularly when compared to Plastic models) slowing the trick process down, allowing for more intricate string play. Great weight also means more momentum in the spin for dramatically pro-longed spin times. The FIXED tip mounting is the traditional choice for players wanting to take advance of friction-style tricks that involve the Top cruising along the string. Made in the EU to precise standards and presented in a smart presentation box.

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  • Trompos Space Jupiter Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    Trompos Space Jupiter Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    The Jupiter is the BIG BROTHER is the Trompos Family of Spinning Tops. It's exaggerated, generous size means gauging it's speed and flight are significantly easier. It's also the only model to come with an internal weight-shifting mechanism. This innovative design inside the main chassis allows players to alter the Top's centre of gravity. By doing this the spinning characteristics of the top can adapt to different playing styles and different tricks. the Jupiter is supplied with Launching Kit and string which can be safely stored inside the top when not in use. When mounted with the ROLLER tip, the Jupiter turns in to a long-spinning power-house capable of performing superb technical tricks. Provided in a smart presentation box and manufactured in the EU.

    The Jupiter spinning top is available in WHITE, but please choose between a SILVER and GOLD lid below

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  • Trompos Space Jupiter - N8 Roller Tip

    Trompos Space Jupiter - N8 Roller Tip

    The N8 is a limited edtion release from the Spinning Top craftsmen at Trompos Space. The N8 has a sophisticated all-black design, broken up only by the Eight-Ball graphic. Made using an innovative, lighter plastic than their other Spinning Tops and mounted with a ROLLER tip, the N8 is both agile and versatile. The N8 Spinning Top is made in the EU and manufactured to high standards.

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  • Trompos Space Neptuno Spinning Top - RollerTip

    Trompos Space Neptuno Spinning Top - RollerTip

    The Design team at Trompos Space took their metal chasis Neptuno model and custom fitted it with their ROLLER tip system. The Result? A Dynamic performance Spinning Top that is steady in the hand, true in it's spin and perfectly made for modern trick play. The Stainless Steel body of the Neptuno not only gives it a classy, mirrored finish but adds a certain amount of weight to the top. This new weight/size/balance ratio means that the whole trick process can be slowed down somewhat for advanced string play and long spin times. This, coupled withe the ROLLER tip system, means that a whole world of trick play becomes possible. Each Neptuno is made in the EU and comes presented in a smart presentation box. Launching Unit and string are supplied and can be stored inside the chassis when not in use thanks to the screw cap top. For very advanced players, each Neptuno comnes with a dimple recessed in the top cap to allow for elaborate stacking trickss

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  • Trompos Space Mercurio Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    Trompos Space Mercurio Spinning Top - Roller Tip

    The Mercurio represents the ultimate synthesis in design and materials in order to acheieve the best performing top possible. The Mercurio has been forged from Brass - this strong material not only adds an enormous amount of solidity to the Top Design, but looks fantastic in all light. The added weight from the materials affords longer spinning time, great momentum, better longevity as well as an overall slowing-down of the trick process when compared to Plastic Models. The Mercurio are produced in limited numbers and each model has been hand-numbered. Not only an amazing performance prop but very much a collector's item. The Mercurio also comes mounted with a DOUBLE BEARING ROLLER Tip. Even compared to the normal ROLLER tip found in other Trompos Space models, this double bearing system spins for significantly longber and will facilitate even the most advanced trick sequences.

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  • Trompos Space Graffiti Roller Spinning Top

    Trompos Space Graffiti Roller Spinning Top

    The Graffiti Roller is the meeting point between Trompos Space's technical know-how and Spinning Top Pro Javi Demaria's signature style. Collaborating with European Graffiti artsists, Trompos Space have made a limited run series of S[inning Tops where no two are alike! Each model's graphics are completely unique and have been placed on an awesome performance top. The Graffiti model comes mounted with the Double Bearing system found on the Mercurio. This system allows the Top to be thrown for exceptionally long spin times, facilitating even the most complex trick sequences. The Graffiti offers dynamic performance for practice sessions and competition.

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