Looping Yo-yos / 2A

These yo-yos are mainly suited to the 2A-style of play, where the player has 1 yo-yo on each hand, and uses various looping tricks. These yo-yos can be used by themselves, but would be considered Intermediate 1A.

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  • Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo

    Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo

    In production since 1954, the Imperial Yo-Yo is Duncan's basic looping model and the perfect pocket money prop for youngsters. Available in several bright colours and made from a tough bright plastic, the Imperial features a narrow string gap and steel axle.

    Yoyo specs:
    Shape - Narrow Loop
    Response System - Fixed
    Axle Type - Steel
    Player Level - Beginner
    Style - 2A - Looping
    Diameter - 57mm
    Weight - 60g

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  • Duncan Proyo Yoyo

    Duncan Proyo Yoyo

    One of the best known wooden axle yo-yos.
    The classic shape, rim-weighted, take-apart ProYo yo-yo features a patented replaceable wooden axle sleeve. Making it a firm favourite amongst many for looping.
    Suitable for all ages.

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  • Yomega Firestorm Yo-Yo

    Yomega Firestorm Yo-Yo

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    The Yomega Firestorm is a slim, fast looping yo-yo. It comes mounted with a plastic transaxle system and star burst response pattern for snappy binds and loops. Also made from bullet-proof plastic! Comes with cotton string. Ideal first yo-yo for youngsters.

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  • Yomega Fireball Wing Yo-Yo

    Yomega Fireball Wing Yo-Yo

    The Fireball was a favourite amongst old-school loopers, but got a twist in design from the crew at Yomega - by adding a flared 'wing' shape they made it appropriate for string catching tricks, but still totally ready for 2A shredding. The Fireball is made from bullet-proof plastic and features a trans-axle and starburst system making for a snappy yo-yo that's fast, light and responsive. Each yo-yo comes with cotton string.

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  • Duncan Limelight LED Yo-Yo

    Duncan Limelight LED Yo-Yo

    The Limelight is a classic piece of Duncan design - they put their smart LED 'Pulse' technology and loaded it in to a budget yo-yo - what's the result? an affordable looping yo-yo that looks amazing and is going to keep kids happy for hours. Unlike the Pulse yo-yo, the Limelight uses a wooden trans-axle - whilst this limits 'sleeps' to some extent, it makes for a snappy, responsive entry-level yo, ideal for 2A looping. There's also some extra cell batteries in the pack to keep your yoyo spin for longer.

    Yoyo Specs:
    Shape - Slim profile Looper
    Response System - Starburst
    Axle Type - Wooden Transaxle
    Player Level - Beginner
    Style - Looper / 2A
    Width - 57mm
    Diameter - 38mm
    Weight - 100g

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  • Duncan Pulse LED Yo-Yo

    Duncan Pulse LED Yo-Yo

    Not only the best light-up yo-yo on the market, but the Duncan Pulse Yo-yo is a high-quality, perfectly balanced, ball-bearing yo-yo that is actually unique, and affordable. New lighting technology offers increased color changing lights and patterns with each second of increased spin time. It turns a standard 2-handed performance into a fantastic show of light and colour!

    Duncan Pulse Specs:
    Type: ball bearing
    Sidecaps: Fixed
    Play: Looping
    Response: Friction Sticker
    Colours: Clear
    • High Speed Ball Bearing Axle
    • Longer Battery Life; More Time To Play!
    • Aerodynamic Rim-Weighted Shape
    • Long Spin Times - Great For Wrap-Style Tricks
    • Uses Duncan Friction Stickers For Perfect Response

    Comes with batteries inside plus + 2 Extra Batteries Learn More

  • Henrys Tiger Snake Yoyo

    Henrys Tiger Snake Yoyo

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    The Tiger Snake yo-yo is designed and manufactured in Germany by the team at Henry's - built around their interchangeable, modular 'AXYS' system. At the heart of the Tiger Snake is the Slider AXYS system. Straight out the box, this yo-yo is fast and extremly agile. For players who demand super-long spin times, it can be modified with theSpeed Explosion Kit at a later date if required. The streamlined, narrow profile of this yo-yo make it perfect for fast looping tricks and two handed (2A) yo-yo play.

    Each Tiger Snake Feature extra large, ultra-light hubs with air-cushioned power rings in dazzling colours. These not only ensure more weight is at the rim for better spins, but make it much safer to use indoors and when practising tricks where the yo-yo might collide with your body. Overall, this is light and quick, and a great tool for perfect loops.

    Diameter 60mm, weight 48g.

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