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  • Original spin Yo-Yo DVD

    Original spin Yo-Yo DVD

    Go from complete beginner to Yo-Yo master with Inside loop's easy-to-use instructional DVD.
    This DVD shows you how to perform over 75 Yo-Yo tricks! Plus there's information on the history of the Yo-Yo and advice on keeping yours in tip top condition.

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    Run time 50 minutes
    Region free PAL DVD

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  • Kid Yoyo DVD

    Kid Yoyo DVD

    A very bright, fun DVD all about basic yo-yo tricks and tips. Multiple angles on every trick and it even includes demonstrations on how not to do tricks! All the tricks are performed on the amazing range of Henrys yo-yos which we are proud to stock. A great 40 minute DVD showing some great yo-yos at work. Comes in 5 different languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Dutch. Learn More

  • A New Level

    A New Level

    Finally a video for truly advanced players. This is not your typical instructional video. Featuring 20 of the Duncan crew from around the world, this mix of tutorials and clips covers Fury cake, Tube disaster, Grip stall and super-hyper-magic-twirlybird?????
    Whether you learn all the tricks or just take a few elements this will raise your game to a new level.

    Running time 39 minutes.

    NTSC All region dvd

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