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  • Duncan Imperial Spinning Top

    Duncan Imperial Spinning Top

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    The Duncan Imperial Spin Top is a basic top which has been in production since the mid 1960s. This is easy for beginners to use and lightweight enough for small kids. The cap comes off to store extra strings. Comes in a variety of colours - please choose below. Learn More

  • Duncan Gyro Racers

    Duncan Gyro Racers

    Race! Stack! Spin! Battle! So many play variations with Duncan Gyro Racers. With a heavy-duty gyroscope within each collectable character, simple rev up the Gyro Racers with only 1 or 2 thrusts. Play solo or with friends. You can spin them upright, upside down, on top of each other, or on the special ring or cone. And for battling.. Will you chose the will Throw Monkey or will you deploy the smiling Panda Bear for the win!

    Play with Friends
    Race, stack, spin, or battle!

    Gyro Technology
    Fun way to include science in your playtime

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  • Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Introducing the latest skill toy craze sending waves across Europe - the humble Spinning Top has been given a dramatic design overhaul by the team at Trompos Space. With advanced, aerodynamic shapes each top has been designed for optimum balance, agility and endurance. The Saturno is the entry-level model in the range, with this model coming mounted with a 'FIXED' tip. Launching Loop and string are neatly stored inside the Top and removed via the quick release fastenings. Once players have learned the basic throw or 'launch' the fun begins. Using a Trompos Space Spinning top, players will be able to master a huge array of techniques and progress up the trick ladder until they are the true Spinning Top Master. Saturno Xtreme is provided in a smart presentation box and is ready for immediate launch!

    Available in a big range of colours. Please select your BODY colour below.
    Orange Body / Black Top
    Yellow Body / Red Top
    Black Body / Red Top
    Red Body / Blue Top
    Blue Body / Purple Top
    Green Body / Blue Top
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  • Trompos Space Pegasus Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Trompos Space Pegasus Spinning Top - Fixed Tip

    Introducing the Pegasus Spinning Top from Trompos Space. This model is crafted from slicker, more robust plastics than the Saturno range to ensure your Spinning Top not only stays looking great, but is a reliable performer every time. The Pegasus comes mounted with a traditional FIXED tip and lends itself beautifully to 'friction tricks' where the top is require to glide along the string. Each Pegasus Spinning Top is supplied with launching tools and string, which can be sealed inside the Top when not in use and accessed via the quick-release casing. Launching a spinning top takes 15 minutes to master, but once achieved, tops can be used to battle and compete for most sophisticated trick. the Pegasus is light, agile and tough - perfect for playing and clashing on a variety of surfaces. The neutral balance of the top will give generous time for tricks to be learnt and executed. Made in the EU.

    The Pegasus is a WHITE spinning top, but please choose your lid colour. Available in BLUE, GREEN and RED.

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  • Aerobie Mega Top Spinning Top

    Aerobie Mega Top Spinning Top

    The MegaTop by Aerobie is weighted around the edges and has been precision crafted for really long spin times. It comes complete with a Quick launch accelerator and catching plate for balancing tricks. Learn More

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